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  • Artificial Intelligence And Visualization In Big Data By Kenneth Cukier

    of us were introverted and preferred to work individually first and combine our thoughts together later. Therefore, I helped my teammates to allocate individual tasks to each one of us. This allocation helped every team member to know what part of the project that they should be responsible for in the beginning of the project. Then, during the project, I searched more than ten research articles and journals about history and origins of big data. This helped…

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  • Dashboard Evaluation

    This report identify a dashboard product available for sale and perform a pre-purchase evaluation on the product. If possible, download a trial version and experiment with a data set. Demonstrate how it works, how it is installed, how well it follows best practices. Performed a high level evaluation using assessment tools distribute in class. II. Product description To find a property dashboard product, I searched Business Intelligence Dashboard Software rank in Software Advice…

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  • Big Data

    Big data has transformed into an important element in establishing growth for any business. The term is used to describe a crucial and massive volume of data to be processed by any software technique. It can also be referred to as a hi-tech tool used to handle large amounts of data. Big data is imperative to a business as it produces a more accurate analysis due to the large amounts of data. Consequently, users can make better decisions that can be helpful in reducing risks and greater…

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  • INFO 200 Reflection Essay

    I feel that taking up INFO 200 was one of the best decisions I have ever taken at the University Of Washington. It has opened a whole new perspective of looking at things for me. Previously any new technological discoveries or advances used to make me compute in my mind about the things used to create it, the data structures and the language that goes into making it, etc. However, after taking up this class my perspective has shifted to things like the design issues, the flaws with the user…

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  • 3 Stages Of Design Psychology Essay

    Define and describe the three stages of Design Psychology 1) The first stage, low-level property extraction. This stage consists of detection of shape, spatial attributes, orientation, color, texture, movement and often called “preattentive” processing. Important characteristics of Stage 1 processing include: • Rapid parallel processing • Extraction of features, orientation, color, texture, and movement patterns • Transitory nature of information, which is briefly held in an iconic store •…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Medical Technology And Ethical Issues

    I liked how the authors supported their reasons by using data and rhetorical question. For example, the article “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” mention how the RIP system can give a percentage of survival and the treatment needed. A probability of 95 percent or higher of the patient dying, the patient will not receive treatment. If the percent is greater than 5 of the patient surviving, the patient will receive treatment. (Thompson & Hickey 2000, Pg. 504). Doctors cannot predict your…

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  • Non-Intrusive Fieldwalking: The First Steps Of An Archaeological Project

    Non-intrusive archaeological surveying techniques are a fundamental and beneficial process that are often the first step of an archaeological project. The wide variety of non-intrusive techniques can be adapted and used separately or jointly to suit the demands of the site and provide critical data. This data can be used to make research design and narrow down a site to the most promisingly productive areas to excavate to save time and money. Also, once a site is determined can be used to create…

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  • Examples Of Data Collection And Analysis In Action Research

    Data Collection and Analysis This next step in an action research is the data collection and analysis. Data helps the researcher to gather information that will be used for a better understanding to the topic. The quality of the data is the main reason for the action as a result of the inquiry. It is beneficial to collect as many types of data this can be interviews, surveys or observation. By utilizing several types of methods and looking from different directions, this process is known as…

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  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Research Paper

    The vast majority of the work I do is done on excel, including all the data analysis tools. Proper email etiquette, timeliness and awareness of deadlines are also highly valuable skills in the workplace. Outlook is the method of sending and receiving emails, but also keeping track of future commitments which you can post on your calendars and set reminders for. By using the calendar on outlook, you not only provide yourself with a way of keeping track of deadlines and tasks, but you can also…

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  • The Importance Of Research-Based Presentation In The Workplace

    graphs and data from various sources. One can find the research content from the database of college. According to the article, “Fact vs Theory,” facts are information which someone can prove right or wrong and can have an opinion on, while research is composed of statements undergone several tests to invalidate the claims made by those who propose them. After thorough research, one should find the appropriate result and use that in order to prove the point because there can be people who…

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