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  • Viterbi Algorithm In Wireless Communication

    1  Abstract — Information sent and received in wireless communication systems can suffer from data losses due to multipath propagation, further leading to intersymbol interference. These conditions compromise the integrity of the information transmitted. This paper explores the Viterbi algorithm used to combat error bounds in convolutional codes, and develops a MATLAB-based alternative model of the algorithm for continuous time applications that is shown to significantly diminish the effects of intersymbol interference in the wireless transmission of a signal. I. INTRODUCTION Wireless communications is part of everyday life. Whether we speak on the phone with a friend, or hear the news on the radio. However, the usage of the frequency spectrum…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wireless Headphones

    DIY How to make wireless headphones When I was little, I usually think about how these wireless headphones work. What magic makes them work! But now I had figured out an easy way to do with your old (Plug-on headphones) a wireless one. Although it works by connecting too. It is ideal for watching movies or listening to music without sitting near the computer or television, it is not good because it's range will be more than 5 meters, you must purchase a license but you can use it anywhere in…

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  • Wireless Communication Gap Analysis

    Communication model Similar to the sensing model, multiple communication models also proposed to mathematically model the complex characteristics of the wireless communication channel. The simplest model is the protocol model in which two nodes can communicate with each other iff they locate in each other’s communication range Rc. Further, in order to capture other disruptive physical characteristics of the wireless channel (e.g., the multiple path fading, and the interference, etc.) rather than…

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  • Analysis Of Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless is a cellphone service provider that deals with all of the United States. They have a very large customer base that has loyal customers, such as myself, and deal with customers on a daily basis. In fact Verizon has the lowest churn rate which refers to the amount of cancellations each year. In 2014 only 1.28% of Verizon 's customers canceled their service with them. They have stores scattered all over the country and also deal with customers over the phone as well as online.…

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  • Photive Over The-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Case Study

    Review: Photive BTH3 Over-The-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Unique and smart designs along with a great stress on the utilization of the latest technology - that's what makes the Photive products a class apart from the rest. Photive products have been known to provide an ultimate experience in music, power for the devices as well as quality protective cases for safety and ease of portability. On January 1, 2014, Photive launched the smartly-designed wireless Bluetooth headphones - the…

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  • Verizon Wireless Case Study

    The Verizon Wireless is a telecommunication company that provides wireless services to its subscribers across the U.S. The Store manager at Verizon Wireless is in charge of the overall productivity levels, including sales goals and profit percentages of their branches, corporate policies, inventory, employees’ welfare, and auditing management. The store manager actively conducts interviews, assesses, and recruits workers. Customer service is the most important aspect in the company (Ugboro,…

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  • Wireless Networking Essay

    1.1 Introduction This chapter will briefly discuss the background of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and its use in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). It will also state the Problem Definition, the Aims & Objectives of this project, and the Methodology used to achieve those objectives. In the end, it will present an overview of the dissertation’s layout. 1.2 Background The Internet has made an enormous impact on the world of communications. It has interconnected billions of networking devices…

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  • Case Study: Verizon Wireless Mental Models And Mindsets

    building trust within the workplace. Verizon Wireless is listed as one of the best companies for workers to seek employment because of this strong model of positive interrelations with its employees, flexible working schedules, and incentives for employees to further their careers (“Working Mothers names Verizon Wireless among 100 best firms,” 2008). By appreciating and encouraging individual interests within the company, Verizon Wireless builds a collective mental model of every worker’s…

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  • Difference Between Wire Line And Wireless Technologies

    1.2 BROADBAND DEVELOPMENTS As large portion of the global communications infrastructure is represented by wireless technology, it is vital to understand overall broadband trends and the role between wireless and wire line communication technologies. Several times both wire line and wireless technologies competed with each other, but generally, they are complementary to each other. For the most part, core infrastructure and backhaul transport for wireless networks are based on wire line…

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  • Wireless Body Area Network Essay

    WBAN or Wireless Body Area Network is a new technology that has been invented for monitoring health condition of an individual. This is fitted in the body of a person Wire Sensor Network or WSN is possible due improvement of sensor technology as well as computer miniaturization. As the data related to patients are stored in a WBAN it is imperative that security of the data must be maintained. Body Area Network is a system comprising of wireless network of sensors to monitor health designed for…

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