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  • Data Protection Act 1998: The Importance Of Personal Information In Schools

    The Data Protection Act 1998 was brought in to law with the intention of governing the way organisations are processing and managing their data on living identifiable individuals. It is important that all data information that is kept within a school is taken down on record correctly whether it is locked away on a computer that has a password on it so no-body can access it or it must be kept in a file which is kept in a filing cabinet which is looked up with a key that is kept out of reach of those who it does not concern. This is referred to as ‘Personal Data’. Children’s personal data is children’s names, where they live, how old they are and their date of birth, and whether or not they have any allergies and medical conditions which must…

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  • Explain The Importance Of Data Protection

    Bii – Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip/statement You need: your name, where you work, pay type, tax code, national insurance number, how many hours you work, deductions and date. Biii – Identify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer Your telephone number and your address would need to be reported to your employer if they are ever changed. Biv - Describe the procedure to follow if you wanted to raise a grievance I would…

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  • Agreeing The Purpose, Content, Layout, Quality Standards And Deadlines For The Production Of Documents

    order in the print shop, in this way the poster will be printed in high quality and it will be more attractive to our guests. c) Explain the purpose of confidentiality and data protection procedures when preparing document I am aware that the hotel Data Protection Policy sets out our rules on data protection and the legal conditions that must be satisfied in relation to the obtaining, handling, processing, storage, transportation and destruction of personal information. Additionally the data…

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  • Why Is Confidentiality Important In Nursing

    introduce two acts of UK law , human right acts (HRA) and Data protection acts (DPA). Its is going to explain definitions of these acts and convey how they link to confidentiality and how they impact in nursing practice, in terms to imply the effect of advantages and disadvantages in role of a nurse. One of the most important aspect of law is confidentiality. In healthcare practice, which has been defined as keeping and protecting of privacy and personal information (Philip A.Swain,……

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  • Unit 23 Health And Social Care P3

    Also stating from ( Ahmed,2014 The Data Protection Act is a law which protects the personal data of people who are living in the UK. The act protects people’s rights, freedoms and their right to privacy. In health and social care organisations, it is crucial for health and social care professionals to store data of pateints and service user’s appropriately , securly , safely and using it if necessary. This sugggests the impottance of health and soicla care professionals enuring all…

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  • Safeguarding

    and recording disclosures for that particular setting. Within these settings there is a structure of safeguarding leaders who will ultimately lead on dealing with any issues brought forward, however if a the staff handing the information over isnâ€TMt happy with how it is dealt with they are fully supported to call into the local authorities multi agency screening service. In my school for example as a safeguarding officer, the process is for staff to record initial concerns which are sent to…

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  • Importance Of Privacy In Malaysia

    In the past decade this transition has been accelerated and almost completed. Vast amounts of data and information are now stored online, in the world wide web which is considered to be a “no man 's land” or an area free of political jurisdiction. However, increasingly this privacy is being called under scrutiny and denied, by governments, corporations, and fellow citizens. We believe that the right to digital privacy belongs to all individuals from fellow citizens and corporations unless…

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  • IT Task 1: Planning An IT Task

    format all work to specified styles. C-Security, Any solution should take into account data security. D-Protection, must protect my solution against unauthorised access 2 Local guidelines: to consider the data protection Act also I have to make sure any information is protected 2 Legal guidelines Follow the teacher’s instruction. Complete the task on time. _I think legal guide lines are that you cannot use copyright images in my logo as it will destroy the purpose and is illegal. . . 6-…

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  • Unit 4 M1 Communication

    Legislation and procedures covering confidentiality, data protection and the disclosure of information Adults who work with children in any setting need to have some idea about current legislation, as this will affect their practice. Legislation is an area that is constantly under review and you will need to keep up to date through reading relevant publications. There is an increased awareness of how important it is to recognise the uniqueness of each child and have respect for their human…

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  • Explain The Difficulties In Disclosure Of Confidential Information

    Confidentiality is the keeping of personal information about a person or persons securely. Confidential information is: personal information of a private or sensitive nature; and information that is not already lawfully in the public domain or readily available from another public source; and information that has been shared in circumstances where the person giving the information could reasonably expect that it would not be shared with others. As a teaching assistant all information must be…

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