Agreeing The Purpose, Content, Layout, Quality Standards And Deadlines For The Production Of Documents

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Action: Q9 Identify the reasons for agreeing the purpose, content, layout, quality standards and deadlines for the production of documents
When we produce a document we need to ensure it is fit for purpose and delivered on time. For example if my hotel manager asks me to produce a poster to advertise that in 2 weeks we will host a karaoke night, I would bear in mind the following for the production of the document:

- The target audience is mainly our hotel guests but we can accept some visitors.
- Understand whether it is a free event or a ticket must be purchased, if you whether it should be in advanced or at the door.
- The purpose is to have the maximum number of clients attending this added value hotel activity and enjoy it so much that
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- Ensure the message and wording engages with our guests’ age group.
- The size of poster must be at least A3 format to ensure it is clearly visible.
- Format of poster has to be colourful and happy; a music theme would be suitable.
- Make sure the document meets company standards and includes logo of hotel.
- Information will be clear, readable and accurate.
- Get my hotel manager to review the document and suggest any changes before start printing process.
- Decide on number of copies required and order print material 10 days before the event.
- Ensure the posters are displayed at least 7 days before the event.
- Place the posters in visible places around the hotel to ensure they reach all our guests.

Action: Q10
a)Describe the type of information in finished documents that you would check for accuracy and correctness

In my poster example for the Karaoke night at the hotel I would start by checking spelling, grammar and punctuation to make sure the message is understandable. Especially because I am a non-native English speaker and this area will be predisposed to
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My notes had clear information about the purpose of the poster and the deadlines, but I will have to clarify a few things before having the full details required to produce the Karaoke poster. For example, I do not know the specific room that will be used, the name of the entertainer and the details of the tickets.

Once I have the outstanding information confirmed I will use PowerPoint to design my document, as I find PowerPoint more versatile for creating this type of document than Word. I will enter the text in the computer using the keyboard and include in the layout pictures and a music theme to produce an attractive A3 poster. While I am creating the poster I will refer back to the hotel manager if I need to clarify any requirements about the text or its format.

I will check the poster is accurate and correct, and send it for review to my manager. I will do any required changes to it. Then, I will save the final copy of the poster in the hotel shared drive and make sure my notes are safely and securely stored in the office

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