The Importance Of Patient Centered Care

Summary of the Evidence
Patient- centered care is an important aspect of the healthcare organization when dealing with sensitive issues. Such care is a representation of the holistic view of nursing. Working as a Risk Manger represents a powerful role for an organization which includes managing the safety and integrity of the clients when facing critical issues. Patient centered-care not only recognizes the values and wishes of the clients and their loved ones, instead, it promotes autonomy in decision-making about their care. Such care should be culturally accepted by the clinicians and the healthcare team members. The clinicians along with the members of the healthcare team must insure coordination, and integration of information is being
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Realistic cost- effective opportunities are examined by Risk Management in order to balance a retention program that is geared toward quality and safety of the clients and the healthcare team members. Risk Management will be responsible for prevention of loss within the organization and a reduction in claims management. Risk Management will insure the integrity of the organization is maintained by promoting these sound safety measures which will result in quality outcomes for the organization and the clients (Scanion, Karsh, & Saran, Aug 2008)
Position: Develop an intervention EBP treatment plan that will improve the quality of life for the patients and their families who are facing an end-of-life crisis. Such will engage the patients and their families in adoption of an Advanced Directives/Care Planning.
Goals: SMART: The acutely ill patients’/family members will have engaged in Advanced Care planning with improved quality of life reported by December 14,
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Meet with marketing and IT to discuss expense and express to them how important this is going to effect the patients/families and the organization.
Step #4: Sell My plan
I. Submit a proposal to the hospital administrator as well as a layout of the plan and the need for changes such as higher press Gainey’s reports and HCAPS scores.
II. Quality outcomes is the logo and vision
III. High quality Reliability Organization with exceptional patient care.
Step #5: Advocate the plan to all
• Once funding is secured, a scheduled meeting with the quality educator will be done
• The quality educator and risk management will set up a hospital wide meeting with the healthcare leaders
• Promote engagement among the organizational staff and patients/families (pass out little quality gift bags with ink pens, flyers, candy, and with logos promoting the event attached)
• Leaders will inform staff about attending the meeting which is mandatory
• Meetings will take place over the next

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