Dimensional Analysis In Faith Hospital

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Register to read the introduction… Dimensional Analysis techniques is a "checklist (Jensen, 1978) that relates to Five W's and H, and is of most use as an aide memoir for initial exploration of a problem or evaluating options, particularly those associated with human relations, rather than of a technical nature" retrieved on January 29, 2006, Dimensional Analysis. By identifying the five W's (Who, What, Where, When) and H (How), this should assist in finding one solution. I think the best solution is the putting the policies and procedures in place. In doing this, employees that serves the hospital will have a clear and concise knowledge of the hospitals mission statement. This will help alleviate the in concision that is happening at the hospital. The five W's and H can be represented by substantive dimension (Who?), spatial dimension (where?), temporal (When?), quantitative (How much?), and qualitative (How serious?). Some of the questions that can be asked are substantive dimension or what asks the question like "Is it necessary to change attitudes or practices?" Another is spatial dimension or who, asks the question such as " Recognize the exact area …show more content…
It is not going to be an easy task to get all the board in agreeable to the solution but will help identify all the problems that needs to be resolved and in peoples mind. If the issues are not dealt with, there is a chance that the hospital will lose more money by losing more patients. Without the patients coming into the hospital, the hospital will not be around to serve the community. Like any businesses, Faith has to earn money to be able to operate and serve customers. The solution that is identified to help with the problem will assist the hospital run a better

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