The Importance Of International Scholarship And International Education

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I believe a great unique way to promote the Gilman Scholarship and international education is by having a study abroad based fashion show. Have the title of the event be named Gilman International Fashion show. I will promote it as a fashion and a cool way to learn about the Gilman Scholarship and international education. I plan to have at least two other students who have studied abroad. So they could also give their experienced about studying abroad, I will pick two different people that studied abroad in different places. So they can talk about different parts of the world. I also have my friend Alison that will be studying abroad with me, in the same school and have her speak about her experience. This way two people from the same school will express how their study abroad experience was. They will also see how a girl and a guy experienced studying in the same school at the same time. We could also charge a five dollar admission to come watch the show and donate everything. So we can have a scholarship for a student to study abroad in the following semester. This way it will be an incentive for students to come as they can learn how to receive two scholarships. …show more content…
On the time of the event, I will provide a slideshow of other people photos that have studied abroad. I will make flyers and pass them out. The flyer will be include information about studying abroad, the Gilman Scholarship and the people who will participate in the event. Next, I will have about five designers show off their collection. After, the designer and myself shows off our collection I will have the guest speakers talk about their experience about studying abroad. Lastly, I will have the guest speakers and I answer questions, the viewer and students will

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