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  • Insurance Case Study For Home Insurance

    This case study will attempt to help John and Jane smith find an insurance policy that best suits their needs and wants in regards to home insurance and auto insurance. In order for the house to be properly insured, it is going to have to be insured for the market value of $989, 000. This is because of indemnity, where the insured is returned to the same financial position as before the loss, without making a profit. Overall the coinsurance for a homeowners policy states that there is a requirement of anywhere from 80- 100% of the house to be insured. If more damage is uncured, then the home owners will have to pay for the difference. (Clark, 2010) Personal property that is within the dwelling is covered up to 60% of the value of the building.…

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  • Advantages Of Takaful Insurance

    Takaful means “mutual or joint guarantee” and it is the closest Islamic instrument to contemporary system of insurance. Earlier demand for insurance was very low in Muslim communities compared to conventional markets but with the introduction of Islamic mode of insurance more and more Muslims are open to the idea. Currently there are very few Takaful applicants in the market with very few institutions offering this insurance service on large scale. Though the claim for Takaful is for part…

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  • The Importance Of Insurance: Why Is Insurance Important To Me?

    Why Insurance is Important to Me My life is always going through stages. This also includes my money. Either it is growing or its going. My life and my money are always going through some risky events . I have to have that protector when risk presents itself. So I appreciate the invention of insurance. It was made to be a protector of all the things I treasure the most- my life, family, auto, home, etc. It is inevitable how much money plays such a major role in the events of our lives. It is…

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  • Advantage Of Life Insurance

    like superheroes, insurance companies can protect you from loss by covering your assets. Insurance carriers around the world provide service to policyholders, guaranteeing coverage to both businesses and homeowners. In order for a company or family to be insured there must be a viable risk in order to provide service. These elements incorporate a large number of insureds, no counterfeits, accidental loss, financial burden, affordable and calculable insurance, no catastrophes, and pure risk only…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Insurance

    You may wonder what you need to know and what information to prepare before buying insurance for your business. It really isn 't hard to be ready for this important decision, if you take simple steps, like assessing the risks you face for your particular business, working with a reputable agent who knows your industry, and making sure you get enough coverage. Your insurance should be affordable and cover a risk your business can 't afford. One comparison would be a homeowner buys insurance to…

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  • The Importance Of The Insurance Industry

    government’s role in regulation is to protect consumers and the market. There is an ongoing debate on whether the federal government should regulate the insurance industry due to the bailouts stemming from the financial crisis of 2008. Currently, state governments regulate the insurance industry. Proponents of federal regulation argue that states are inefficient in the duty of insurance regulation. Additionally, the federal government has economies of scale and may offer an increase in…

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  • Cyber Risks Of Cyber Insurance

    Cyber insurance is a relatively new product that is becoming more and more important because technology has become an integral part of our society and day-to-day operations. As a result, cyber coverage is available from numerous insurance providers and is fairly inexpensive to purchase. Cyber risk coverage started in the late 90’s because people believed that “Y2K” would affect the stability of computer and data systems across the globe. These policies will help the insured recover losses from…

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  • The Travelers Companies In The Insurance Industry

    The Travelers Companies is in the insurance industry. Insurance is a means of protection from financial lost. There are two major categories within the insurance industry: business and personal. Within, each of those categories are many sub-categories. I work in workforce optimization within the business insurance section of Travelers. Business insurance insures business from one employee – thousands of employees. Examples of personal insurance are auto and home-owners. The insurance industry…

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  • The Importance Of Life Insurance Policy

    Down the hospital hallway there is a 45 year old man with a terminal disease expected to die within a month. To live an additional few months longer, he needs cash quick for a treatment. He owns an asset with substantial value, but he can only use it after death. How convenient for him. In 1911, the Supreme Court made it legal to sell this asset, to anyone who is willing to buy it (Grigsby v Russell… np). A life insurance policy is not commonly thought of an asset to be used while you are…

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  • Health Insurance Myths

    for progression in the health insurance industry. Research will be used to debunk the myths and look closely at problems with policy that have caused the myths to form about how health care is managed and how insurance policies have become the way they are. Insurance is a system where it is able to pool risks for people. Almost all people pay a premium to have health insurance. This premium goes into a pool and those who are sick get to be paid out by that pool that is everyone’s premium…

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