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  • Unit 4 M1 Communication

    Legislation and procedures covering confidentiality, data protection and the disclosure of information Adults who work with children in any setting need to have some idea about current legislation, as this will affect their practice. Legislation is an area that is constantly under review and you will need to keep…

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  • Explain The Difficulties In Disclosure Of Confidential Information

    information that has been shared in circumstances where the person giving the information could reasonably expect that it would not be shared with others. As a teaching assistant all information must be treated confidentially as stated in the ‘Data Protection Act 1998’, any information must be stored as stated in the Act and all member of staff must be familiar with this and follow the guidelines. In my role I ensure that no information is passed on to any third parties and always checking with…

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  • Essay On Right To Be Forgotten

    aims to give back to people their control over personal data and make the consent regime more effective . Personal data is a daily issue on the Internet nowadays. In this online world in which personal information can be stored, collected and used and, moreover, can be remembered forever, the issue of privacy within personal data is extremely important. It eventually becomes essential, for the goal of this paper, to define what personal data is, before going deeply into the discussion and…

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  • Social Care Values

    give consent for whatever reason, in this case they will entrusted the service user with a guardian to make decision for them. For all care homes there are laws to protect confidentiality, one of them is Data protection act 1998, this is an Act of parliament that governs the protection of personal data, in fact this control that your personal information is kept safely and only use for the peepers for which was obtained. Another one is Human right act 1998, this mean that everyone have the right…

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  • The Code Of Practice For Social Care Workers

    The intention is to confirm the standards required in social care and ensure that workers know what standards of conduct employers, colleagues, service users, carers and the public expect of them. I implement these by giving all of my staff a copy of the codes of practice as part of their induction package. The Code of Practice for Employers of Social Care Workers sets down the responsibilities of employers in the regulation of social care workers. The code requires that employers adhere to…

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  • Best Way Care Home: The Impact Of Codes Of Practice

    The Act, however, stated that information must be prevent from identity of theft and the rights of individuals must be maintained. The records keeping policy is implemented by the members of staff by complying to the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. Medication Act 1968 The Medicines Act 1968 manages the medicines for both veterinary and human use, that involves supply and manufacturing of all medications. However, the Medicines Act 1968 controls both licensing and supply of…

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  • 2.2 Explain How To Adapt Communication With Children And Young People

    We would need to adapt the way we communicate with children and young people as they may not completely understand what we are saying. For example, the younger the person is the more simpler and clearer we should communicate. If the child is very young, we would need to talk in a way they would understand. This can include talking in a generally more simple way. We may need to talk with a different tone of voice than we usually would to keep the child engaged, as the may get distracted easily…

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  • Why Are Planning Skills Important

    Planning skills are important to have because it will show to the company that you are able to plan tasks and also plan your time to make sure you are getting the job done to meet deadlines as missing deadlines could cost the company money. A job I found in the IT sector that is looking for planning skills is a systems engineer for Linux and Unix it is very important to them because they want to have minimum down time so this will require planning to do updates or anything necessary when there…

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  • Trout Unlimited Case Study

    Nearly half a century ago sixteen men came together and formed an organization based on a love of trout fishing and discontentment towards statewide trout stocking standards. In July 1959, along the banks of Michigan’s Au Sable River, George Griffith and fellow trout enthusiasts established ‘Trout, Unlimited’ (now known as Trout Unlimited) as a non-government organization with a vision to help trout populations thrive and prosper to their full potential (Trout Unlimited 11/11/2015). The founders…

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  • Why Collect HR Data

    Data Protection Act This act applies to all organisations that process data relating to their staff and customers. It is the main legal framework in UK that protects personal data. The act contains 8 data protection principles which are: Personal data should be processed fairly and lawfully, this can be achieved by asking the employees to use their information, on the employment contract. Personal data shall be obtained only for specific lawful purposes, these purposes can be…

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