Importance Of Privacy In Malaysia

Superior Essays
Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural
Country: Malaysia

Recently a high number of minority Muslim Rohingya have migrated to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian Countries. We recognize that migrants are at a high risk for human rights violations. However, we refuse to accept any illegal migrants. Another issue we recognize as a major social rights issue involves the right to privacy in a digital age. We recognize the impact the internet has had on the world, and the power and information it grants a country given full access. We believe that all individuals have the right to privacy online, protected from others. We also believe that the citizens government has a right to this information, and in coalition between nations governments
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In the past decade this transition has been accelerated and almost completed. Vast amounts of data and information are now stored online, in the world wide web which is considered to be a “no man 's land” or an area free of political jurisdiction. However, increasingly this privacy is being called under scrutiny and denied, by governments, corporations, and fellow citizens. We believe that the right to digital privacy belongs to all individuals from fellow citizens and corporations unless personally consented, however, we believe that the government has a right to all cyber information of its own citizens (Laws of Malaysia Act 709 Personal Protection Act 2010 pgs …show more content…
We believe that a country may use its own citizens information for security and official purposes. We urge to UN to establish a mandate requiring all nations to comply, and grant its citizens rights to privacy, and to agree to an international treaty of cyber security and awareness. Under this treaty each country would recognize each other 's rights to privacy, and observe all cyber investigations as though they were physical official investigations.

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