IT Task 1: Planning An IT Task

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Task A – Planning an IT task

To be completed prior to the linked task.

1- Having read the scenario, give a brief description of why you are using IT to complete the task.

. I need to be able to identify when this is the case (and when it might be better to take the manual approach instead).It’s necessary to go through a decision making process to decide if an IT approach is the best way and, if so to choose the right computer software to help me. -I am choosing IT to complete this task because it is more manageable, it is easy to calculate different amounts and I can make a presentation in different designs, also it is safes time.
-using a computer might help me get a task done more quickly and simply than if I did it manually.

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Also the PowerPoint and the answer sheet witch both require a lot of thought and time.

Evaluate the completed task. Give an example of how you would change the method used to improve productivity in the future.

2 methods: I will change in my task the heading colour to make it nicely and clear to read and I will change my chart design to improve productivity in the future.
I think I can use Dreamweaver it saves time on checking work as the work is right next to you.

3- Give feedback on the use of IT tools and instructions given for the linked assignment. Include at least 2 examples of each of the following:

• strength
• area of improvement
• Possible productivity improvement. 2 strengths: I used my skills like I used different formulas and I did some formatting.
I think a can create an ok poster after that I give a critic on it being dark and gloomy I changed it, and it became one of my strengths. While I changed my logo to match my new banner, and poster with made it simple and easy, to

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