Robert Taylor's Contributions Of Education In The Digital Age

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We are in the digital age and we need to find clever ways of learning, experiencing and

teaching related to technologic developments. From the printing press, we had not handled any

special revolution except computer and internet. These two revolutionary tools would have been

helping human history in every type of all fields, and of course in schools. The computer has

recently been in schools. Before using computers, there were some kinds of methodologies used

in classes. Nowadays computers are participating a role by using as Tutor, Tool, and Tutee.

Moreover, Robert Taylor explained computers as an instructor, worker as document

preparer& saver and teacher by being programmable.

I strongly think that Taylor’s framework still applies
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Taylor categorized the reflects under access, collaborate,

communicate and experience. Unlike the first article’s three titles, Taylor suggested four

categories for reflections. I think Taylor saw all lack of information, explanation necessities and

created understandable steps of reflection. Access based reflection occurs when the teacher-

student or student- student extensively communicate and directly reach to the information.

Above the limits of books, articles, and libraries, a computer makes it easy to reach all types of

information like music database, museum opening hours, available high- resolution pictures etc...

I think it is very interesting to mention that Taylor’s example. According to him, one student or

teacher can reach a music storage to study on it. However, the textual materials are in the library

of London. So, access to digitalized textual information in any of library or web database from

thousands of miles away or finding a paint to study from very long distances by computer based

network in classes creates a positive example.

Collaboration side of reflections is heart- warming part of the Taylor’s

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