Data Protection Act 1998: The Importance Of Personal Information In Schools

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The Data Protection Act 1998 was brought in to law with the intention of governing the way organisations are processing and managing their data on living identifiable individuals. It is important that all data information that is kept within a school is taken down on record correctly whether it is locked away on a computer that has a password on it so no-body can access it or it must be kept in a file which is kept in a filing cabinet which is looked up with a key that is kept out of reach of those who it does not concern. This is referred to as ‘Personal Data’. Children’s personal data is children’s names, where they live, how old they are and their date of birth, and whether or not they have any allergies and medical conditions which must …show more content…
Data Protection Act consists of data that mu not excessive it must be accurate at all be fairly and lawfully processed, it must be used for limited and specifically stated purposes, it must be adequate, relevant and not excessive it must always be accurate. All data must not be kept for longer than necessary it must be handled according to individual’s data protection rights, most importantly all data information must be kept safe and secure. Data information must not be transferred outside of the European Economic Area unless the country that the data is being sent to has a suitable data protection law.
In my work setting all paper records must be kept in a folder which is this placed in to a filing cabinet in order for them to be stored securely by locking the cabinet with a key and making sure that it not hanging around for those who it does not concern to get access to them at any time. Only those who have authority may access the files when needed as they are confidential and must not be shared with those who it does not concern. It is important that all paper records are locked away in a filing cabinet at all times and not left around on the desks so those who it does
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They also have the right to request any changes that they may want changed relating to their personal information if the data we are holding is not accurate or up to date. In most childcare settings under certain circumstances they may need permission from relevant individuals if they wish to share any information with an outside organization. If in a setting they have a child protection concern then they are then able to consult the relevant authorities without asking for consent from the parents of that

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