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  • The Kit Kat Persuasive Speech

    for eternity!” Then old Aunt Linda dies of heartbreak like Padme from Revenge of the Sith. But anyway, she WILL NOT have children named Luke and Leia, because she has kids named Ralph, Jesus, and Pepper! And your old Uncle Stan WILL NOT become Darth Vader, because he is in a nursing home SUFFERING FROM AMNESIA!! IT IS A DOMINO EFFECT!! DON’T EAT KIT KATS WRONG! Not for me, not for Obama, not for the world, BUT FOR YOUR OLD AUNT LINDA!! Old Aunt Linda, who smells like Mothballs and honey. A smell…

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  • Comparing Luke Skywalker And Star Wars

    George Lucas. Unbeknownst to Lucas, the film became a commercial success and a cultural phenomenon. Having been born in 1997, I wasn’t alive at the time where Star Wars had been released. I had never experienced first-hand the infamous twist that Darth Vader was actually Luke Skywalker’s, the protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy, father in cinemas at the time of Empire Strikes Back’s release. I had never experienced what a visual marvel the film had actually been at the time. I consider…

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  • Captain America Hero's Journey

    In Cinema, the most common story told is the hero myth. It is a ten-step formula that depicts the transformation of the protagonist on his journey to heroism. When we first see the protagonist, they are portrayed as average people living normal lives. In Captain America: The First Avenger Steve Rogers is a scrawny boy from Brooklyn and in The Wizard of Oz Dorothy is a regular girl from Kansas. Then something occurs in the protagonist life that jumpstarts their journey. In Captain America, Steve…

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  • The Force Awakens Analysis

    “The Force Awakens”, the seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise and the first part of the new trilogy announced by the Walt Disney distributing company, was intended to be a galactic epic. Within this specific genre, it manages to deliver a pretty decent plot filled with exciting battles, interesting new and old characters, and some nostalgia without falling in exaggeration. The film was directed, co-written, and co-produced by J.J. Abrams, who reinforces his ability to recycle former…

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  • Star Wars To The Dark Side Communication Analysis

    John Dionisio HCOM 100 Shari Selnick 29 March 2017 Communication Analysis: When Anakin Turns To The Dark Side George Lucas’ Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith is a fascinating movie that describes the concepts of interpersonal relationship. The movie provides the uses of indirect and direct communications from various characters, which are vital to the fluidity of the movie and how characters build relationships. For example, one scene that builds the interpersonal relationship of two…

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  • Character Analysis Of Luke Skywalker In Star Wars

    Because Luke Skywalker’s family was killed by stormtroopers, Obi-Won Kenobi wanted Luke to come to Alderaan with him, and Luke was interested in becoming a Jedi, in Star Wars by George Lucas the call in the heroic cycle applies to Luke Skywalker. For starters, Luke finds his civilization destroyed. In search of the two droids, the stormtroopers set fire to Tatooine civilization, killing Luke’s aunt and uncle. This was a big portion of the call for Luke Skywalker because the only thing that was…

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  • The Force Awakens Movie Analysis

    Since the inception of Star Wars, fans have dreamed of traveling to a galaxy far, far, away. Unfortunately for them, the movies' planets are fictional but, the good news is, most are portrayed by very real locations, many of which are also among the most stunning destinations on Earth. Here are three more must-see locales from the latest movie, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Skellig Michael, Ireland The final scene of Episode VII: The Force Awakens was shot on Skellig Michael, just off…

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  • George Walton Lucas Jr.: Film Genius

    George Lucas is one of the most successful, creative, and legendary movie directors of all time. Not only has he made movies with techniques that went beyond what the other directors were doing at the time, he made a movie trilogy that a large population of people can enjoy. His full name is George Walton Lucas Jr. He grew up in Modesto, California and was incredibly interested in drag racing. His dream, as a teen, was actually to become a professional racecar driver until he got into a…

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  • Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Analysis

    The movie I have chosen to analgise is Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, directed by George Lucas in 2005. This movie cost $113 million to make and made 800 million from box office. It’s part of the prequel series and is the last star wars movie directed by George Lucas. It has been 3 years since the clone wars first began and chancellor palatine has been kid napped by droid commander general grievous. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-one Knobe (Jedi knights) have gone to rescue palatine from General…

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  • A Hard Day's Night Analysis

    A Hard Days Night its celebrating 50th its anniversary this year which enhances my reasons for choosing this film. In this paper, I will argue its historical and cultural significance, its influences on modern films, particularly the music video and demonstrate how Richard Lester’s techniques paved the way what seems the norm in the industry. I will also look at the other elements that make the film so iconic today. My Paper will cover concepts such as the influences of ‘The New French Way’…

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