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  • The Freeza Saga Analysis

    The Freeza Saga represents Dragon Ball Z's closest approach to what might be called the textbook example of the monomyth, even though it does not cover all seventeen of Campbell's stages. The tail-end of the Saiyan Saga serves as the catalyst for the Departure act; Goku and his friends need to travel into outer space to the planet Namek to bring their comrades killed by the saiyans back to life, including the creator of the dragon balls. This need to find new dragon balls creates the Call to…

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  • Comparison Of Star Wars VI And Avatar

    Star Wars VI and Avatar are both examples of consisting of a primitive and portrayal of natives. Avatar is a movie that focused on the indigenous inhabitants called the Na’vi. The Na’vi are the extraterrestrial humanoids. Jack took place of his brother when he was killed and became a part of the mission in a world of Pandora. Star Wars VI is a movie that involves a civil war that is within the Galactic Empire. Star Wars VI was set in the past. Being primitive is someone that is preserving the…

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  • Essay On Athena's Role In The Odyssey

    A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. The mentor is a significant figure because he/she helps the hero on his journey by guiding and helping the hero. In The Odyssey, the goddess Athena helps protect and guide Odysseus on his way home from twenty years away for battle and the adventure he had. Athena provides protection when she is with him: “’ Surely I’ll stand beside you, not forget you, not when the day arrives for us to do our work’” (13, 299, 449-450). Athena helps…

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  • Hero's Journey In Star Wars IV: A New Hope

    Imagine if everyone came together to reach a common goal for the good of society. In the movie Star Wars IV: A New Hope, a science fiction film, Luke Skywalker, the main character, is a strong leader who is determined and brave. Luke ends up leaving his homeland with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ben), CP3O, R2D2, Han Solo and Chewbacca to save Princess Leia from the empire. On their journey they end up in a near death situation and fighting the empire to destroy the death star. In Star Wars IV: A New Hope,…

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  • Princess Leia In 'The Force Awakens'

    In the Force Awakens, Leia must deal with her emotions revolving around her son, Ben, who had fallen to the dark side of the force. As Han tells her that he had seen their son, a look of concern comes over her face. Even with his betrayal, Leia says of her son to Han, “you think I want to forget him, I want him back.” She continues to say “we can still save him,” because “there is still light in him, I know it.” She refuses to give up one those she loves, and believes fervently in their…

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  • Darh Vader Die Analysis

    The Time I Saw Darth Vader Die :( Have you ever had your favorite character from any movie, or show, die? I have, it was Darth Vader. He died in the original movie 3:The Return of the Jedi. When I saw him die my eyes started watering, and my face turned red! I held my breath and acted like it was no big deal, but in the inside I was very sad. I was with my mom I was on the couch. He was so AWESOME!!! I still don't get why they killed off Darth Vader, George Lucas knew kids liked…

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  • Essay On Anakin's Return Of The Jedi Code

    A little over two decades after his fall to the Dark Side, Anakin (as Darth Vader) eventually returns to the Light Side of the Force. I argue that his acceptance of Stoic values near the conclusion of Return of the Jedi allows him to redeem himself. Throughout the prequel trilogies, Anakin does show some hints of Stoic values, even though he consistently fails to uphold them and refuses to follow the Jedi Code. After he executes Count Dooku, he comments to Palpatine that he should not have…

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  • Volkswagen Commercial Analysis

    In this way, the audience is reached by the commercial, but they probably will not buy the car since the audience did not bond with the advertised product, but by the advertisement aesthetic. This parody involving a child, a car, and Vader are the elements to make the commercial persuasive and to become viral on the internet. However, it is disappointing that an advertisement does not show anything about the vehicle that you might be interested in buying. It is a funny entertainment…

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  • Star Wars Related To Mythology

    movies. For example, Darth Vader is looked at someone who is a God because of the power that he shows and an extreme fan would look at him as a type of God (Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed). It can be inferred that Darth Vader is looked at as a God because all of the attention that is thrown his way by the fans. The connection that this serves to mythology is that sometimes the ultimate evil villain is even looked at as a God (Lyden). All of the fans of the series like Darth Vader and the fans…

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  • The Empire Strikes Back

    “No, I am your father!,” quote by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker. I am reviewing this great movie called The Empire Strikes Back. I watched this epic Star Wars story in my family room. I watched this movie in the summer after I had watched episode 4 A New Hope. I watched this movie on my PS3 and I have watched this 2 times. The movie has many interesting facts and awards and other things to. The genre of this movie is science-fiction and action. There are many actors and actresses they are…

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