Philosophical Themes In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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Throughout history, many famous films contain philosophical themes that have been completely overlooked by thousands of viewers. Philosophical relevance is easily overlooked because when most people watch movies they are looking for pure entertainment instead of the significant meaning. However, taking into account the philosophical relevance is important for understanding the overall meaning in any screenplay. This statement enables people to have favorite films that they really do not completely understand. One of the most nostalgic movies in history, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, contains many disguised philosophical themes that many viewers have overlooked for multiple decades. The philosophical theme most relevant in the Star …show more content…
This theme relates to Epictetus’ idea that irrational thoughts should be avoided. In The Handbook for Stoic Happiness, Epictetus states that “If you kiss your child or your wife, say that you are kissing a human being; for when it dies you will not be upset” (Handbook 3). This means that you should not think of another human or object as more than the other. An example of this that is displayed in the film is when Ben Kenobi sacrifices his own life in order for Luke to escape the Death Star. Ben Kenobi’s disappearance causes Luke to lose control of his feelings and become distraught after the departure of his companion. If Skywalker would have judged Kenobi just as another human being he would been as distressed by his no longer existence. This solidifies the idea of the importance to not care too deeply for another human being; however, if we do not express our emotions how can we reveal ourselves to be humans at all. This also follows Epictetus’ statement, “What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about things” (Handbook 5). However, I believe when Epictetus claimed this he did not take into idea all of the qualities that describe a human being. These uncontrollable sufferings are subjectively along the path that one takes throughout their

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