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  • Whirlpool Corporation Business Analysis

    Abstract Whirlpool Corporation began in the early 1900’s as a company motivated to produce washers with a wringer attachment. The innovation soon caught the attention of identical industries, driving the company to borrow funds to expand and increase production. However, in the midst of the Great Depression, the company was faced with inadequate sales to pay back the money borrowed from Sears. Although with a workable agreement and a stock exchange, the loan was forgiven. Soon, both companies expanded the Kenmore line of washers in to international markets, driving demand; thereby, leading Whirlpool Corporation to innovate its own product line. Today, Whirlpool has built its brand portfolio through various acquisitions involving distinct makes and models of home appliances, each having diverse product features. The company’s continued survival depends not only on acquisitions made in the U.S., but expanding their premise within other countries. Whirlpool Corporation’s Growth in the Appliance Industry In 1911, Whirlpool Corporation began as Upton Machine Company, a manufacturer of motorized wringer washers designed to run on electricity. Other companies soon caught on, compelling Upton to acquire credit from Sears to increase its growth. Soon after, an economic downturn developed causing Sears to acquire stock in Upton Machine Company. However, after changing its name to The Nineteen Hundred Corporation, demand for Sears brand appliances began to increase,…

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  • Electrolux Case Study

    Abstract The paper analyses the competitiveness of Electrolux as a multinational corporation. There are reasons that make the company to be fit for competition with the local Chinese manufacturers of home appliances. The paper also discusses how Electrolux is influenced by the resource based view in its strategy. In view of Porters four generic strategies, Electrolux would be much safer with cost leadership strategy and differentiation. The company has shown leaning towards making itself…

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  • Electrolux Business Strategy

    Identify Porter’s four generic strategies. Discuss which of these would work best for Electrolux. According to Collins (2010), Porter developed five generic strategies by which businesses could select from and implement to best achieve a competitive advantage in any given marketplace (as cited by Porter, 1980). Focusing on either a narrow or broad market segment, Collins (2010) notes that Porter’s five strategies fall under the classifications of focus, cost leadership and differentiation (as…

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  • Not Just A Paycheck Analysis

    stroke, alcohol abuse, heart and kidney disease, suicide and homicide. Moreover, the video talks about how the closing of a manufacturing plant in Greenville, resulted in a rise in the number of health issue caseloads within local hospitals. In addition, professor Harvey Brenner predicts that there will be a rise in deaths due to the rise in unemployment, and the shutdown of Electrolux in Greenville. Furthermore, more and more people are suffering from unemployment with their health because of…

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  • Small Vacuum Cleaner Speech

    cleaned up. To my mind worldwide, Black and Decker as a brand offered the first examples of a cordless dust buster, even if they might not be the first brand to do so, officially. Cordless dust busters have also been sold on the idea that the more volts the motor has, the more suction power can be had. This idea was sold long before the versatile arrangement of a cordless upright market came to light. The cordless upright vacuum has been on the market (and in my experience and knowledge) since…

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  • Retail Industry In The 18th Century

    Retail serves consumers through a small grocery store to a huge departmental store. Retail Industry is heavily dependent on consumer spending. • Internet and E-Commerce- Internet, the ubiquitous medium has opened a new avenue in front of the Retailers. It has offered an opportunity to the consumers to shop from the home. As it stands today overall Retail sales through internet may not be that significant but gradually it is gaining popularity amongst consumers. Amazon.com is successful in this…

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  • Dyson Situation Analysis Essay

    Dyson has competed against Bissell, Miele, Eureka, Nuton, Kirby, and Electrolux and Black and Decker. (Consumer Reports, 2018)) All are highly effective and can be held to the same high cleaning standards. But choosing can be hard. (Dyson, 2018) I based my new product off other vacuums that I researched and the only thing I changed was the battery life. Battery life in most vacuums can only be used to be 40 minutes but with the new improved Dyson V75 you get high performance lithium Ion Power…

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  • Value Management Case Study: Qingdao Haier

    foam materials account for a large proportion in the costs of white goods production (Mergent Online, 2016). In the last year, these raw materials have experienced unprecedented increase in costs. For instance, in June 2016, Metal Bulletin data showed ore with 62% iron content delivered to the port of Qingdao jumped 19% to $63.74 a dry metric tonetic. Such increase in costs will have a negative effect on the performance of enterprises because due to the competitive nature of the market, the…

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  • Role Of Women In A Doll's House Compared To Modern Day

    However, I believe that there is still no real equality between the female and male sexes, and even though there have been advancements, the problem is still not resolved. Statistics clearly show that men still are favored in the workplace and in education. In 1879, when A Doll’s House was published, there was the image of an uneducated women who seemingly lived the perfect life when in reality, her relationship to a man was holding her back from achieving all she could achieve. Today’s women…

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  • How We Got To Now By Steven Johnson: Analysis

    Then, he mentions on how the “Refrigerator became a huge industry, not measure just by the cash that changed hands, but also in the sheer size of the machines: steam-powered monster machines weighing hundreds of tons, maintained by a full-time of engineers (Johnson, 2014).” On the other hand, Blackman who wrote the article, “Focus on the Fridge” also claim that “After World War I, Kelvinator was “a home appliance manufacturer that is now a brand name owned by Electrolux” has introduced the…

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