Whirlpool Corporation Case Analysis

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Whirlpool Corporation began in the early 1900’s as a company motivated to produce washers with a wringer attachment. The innovation soon caught the attention of identical industries, driving the company to borrow funds to expand and increase production. However, in the midst of the Great Depression, the company was faced with inadequate sales to pay back the money borrowed from Sears. Although with a workable agreement and a stock exchange, the loan was forgiven. Soon, both companies expanded the Kenmore line of washers in to international markets, driving demand; thereby, leading Whirlpool Corporation to innovate its own product line. Today, Whirlpool has built its brand portfolio through various acquisitions involving distinct
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. . in Every Home Around the World” (Whirlpool Corporation, 2014, para. 1). However, it doesn’t make up for the information lacking in their mission statement, and that is to “Create Demand and Earn Trust Every Day” (Whirlpool Corporation, 2014, para. 1). Although the terms of the mission statement are easily recognizable, there are several things missing. For one, a person would not have a clue as to the products manufactured, nor would they have any idea of the markets for which they serve, which does not say much for their self-concept. Furthermore, the statement offers neither concern over the environment, or their company’s …show more content…
Furthermore, one can see that the company continues to make acquisitions in similar industries and broadening their portfolio; however, the company fails to provide much information about its Gladiator product, and if it has been a proven source of revenue. Finally, although the company’s vision statement speaks for itself, the company has a narrow focus on its mission missing several components of a well-formed statement.

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