My Engineering Work Experience At En-Fab Inc.

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I graduated from the University of Houston, Texas with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Thesis in May 2011. My engineering work experience as an Engineer-In-Training began at En-Fab, Inc. in Houston, Texas from June 2011 and since then I am working as an Electrical Engineer in this company.

My engineering experience at En-Fab, Inc. entailed being a member of the project engineering group where I performed calculations for sizing of the motor and branch circuit overload protection, sizing of transformers, sizing of uninterruptible power supplies and their associated cables & sizing of motor power cables for the steam generator project.

Steam generators are used in oil fields for efficient extraction of oil. Saturated steam
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Additionally, using this information, I have prepared the control panel layout, MCC layout, MCC one line diagram, control panel power diagram, electrical loop diagrams and junction boxes layout. I prepared a PLC logic diagram for the steam generator control panel indicating the PLC logic sequence for the steam generator. I prepared another bill of material indicating all the required quantities of wires, cables, conduit, tubing & fittings required for the project. I prepared purchase requisitions for all the control panel parts as well as the electrical fabrication items (cables, conduits, wires etc.).

During my assignment on control panel design, I designed a control panel for an Indirect Fired Heater which was installed in a Class 1 Division 2 Group B, C & D hazardous area in Mexico. Based on the volume of the control panel enclosure, mounting style and available voltage, I recommended an appropriate Type Z Purge & Pressurization System for the control panel. I designed the Purging & Pressurization system for the control panel in compliance with NEC Article

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