The Role Of Electrical Instrumentation Technology

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Electrical Instrumentation is a very well field to go into since there are very many job opportunities in any plant that produces something. For anyone who comes out of this program has a broad range of opportunities to peruse. I researched three different jobs that have a requirement of Electrical Instrumentation Technology (EIT). The first job that will be discussed is a Power Generation Engineer at CPS Energy. The second job is Electrical instrumentation technician at a Canadian pharmaceutical company in Toronto, Canada. The third job is at Ethos Energy in Gaston, SC as an I&C Technician.
In the job as a Power generation engineer at CPS Energy, for general responsibilities and duties you will have to analyze and evaluate operations in maintenance
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Troubleshoot, maintain, calibrate, repair or install all of the electrical systems that have complex interlocking or related circuits. Such as PLC’s, generators, transformers, breakers, motors, heating units, or other transmission equipment in the facility. Using various test equipment to diagnose problems, determine electrical load and power quality. Repair, maintain, calibrate, alter or modify pneumatic controllers. Work with users, other facilities staff and vendors to provide electrical information to ensure the facility is safe, efficient, and reliable. Supervise all work on electrical systems and equipment. Communicates with the management department and customers to schedule activities to make sure there is no effect on production schedules. Make sure all work is done is in compliance with codes and manufacturer’s recommendation. Will have to bend conduit, hacksaw, pipe-threader and testing instruments. Requirements of the jobs is a high school diploma, industrial electrician license, have five years of electrical maintenance experience. Have a strong sense of communication, organizational and planning skills, self-motivated, willing to participate in …show more content…
Has to maintain the many systems associated with electronic components. Repairing of system control malfunctions such as PLC’s, transmitters, instrument loops, flow meters’, pressure temperature and level probes. Install new electrical equipment to assure proper and long term operation, use electrical testing equipment and other tools. Initiates the purchase orders, coordinates with and directs outside contractors as required to ensure completion. Be able to perform 480V and high voltage switchgear basic electrical system maintenance and supervise outside contractors. Conduct maintenance on the CEMS associated equipment, and coordinate activities and interfaces with contactors and vendors. There are many required skills such as operate and maintain cycle power generating facility equipment, communicates plant issues and keeps the manager informed of conditions, read meters, gauges, or automatic devices to record data. Uses facility operating procedures and equipment to maintain and repair the facility equipment and ensure equipment is operated correctly. Maintain equipment by tightening fittings, replace valves, gaskets, valves, and gauges. Repairs and examines defective parts along with lubricating and clean the parts. Work overtime, and odd hours if needed to

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