Case Study Diamond Pet Foods

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1. What motivation lessons can be learned from Diamond Pet Foods?
Few motivation lessons that can be learned from Diamond Pet foods is that the employees at this company are and can be motivated and willing to be more productive when the benefit packages that are given are enhanced. Diamond Pet Foods gives several examples of how this motivation concept is effective. The company offers employees free annual wellness exams and a registered dietitian that helps employees create nutrition plans. Having the most modest benefit packages for its employees, it is a motivating factor that the workers would want to work harder when receiving benefit packages as such. Andrew Brondel, the Diamond Pet Food’s director of administration, says “when employees
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Aurora electric offers to pay tuition for nearly any degree, wellness programs, and even a 30-day or alcohol rehab program. The company offers their workers these great benefits because as Rose, the founder of Aurora Electric, says “everyone is much more engaged. Instead of running to me with every little, they help each other.” The motivation factor is that Rose knows that it’s hard to find the best electricians, so instead of finding them, she creates a work environment that people want to work in and have the electricians come to …show more content…
Which means if employees feel the worker's wages are competitive but the benefits package is equal among coworkers then they will be motivated. If there are inconsistencies or unfairness, then they will try to make changes to reach the fairness. Equity theory suggests that people determine the fairness of their pay by comparing what they give and receive from the company with what other workers give and receive. Providing employees with excellent benefit contribute to motivation from an equity theory perspective in that the benefits that are offered are the same for every worker. This is important because people are prone to comparing themselves to others whom they believe are being paid more. Employees would feel inequality if they believe that they work harder and contribute more to the company than another employee of paid the same salary. Workers who feel there’s some inequality within the company are more likely to steal from their employers to try increasing their outcomes. When there’s inequality, employees are likely to leave the company and jobs elsewhere. Therefore, equity theory is important in terms of motivation because offering excellent benefits to all employees and at the same amount, employees are willing to stay in the company and can focus

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