Caesar Casquejo: Case Analysis

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Please accept this memorandum and the attached documents and information as the response to the allegation of the complaint in the above referenced case.

The Department denies Mr. Caesar Casquejo was discriminated against on the basis of his race and national origin in violation of AS 18.80.220 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The Department further denies retaliating against Mr. Casquejo for filing complaints.


Caesar Casquejo was hired as a Maintenance Specialist – Electrician – Journey II (PCN 25-2577) in Anchorage on November 23, 2015 in the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Anchorage International Airport (AIA).

Joshua Briggs is the Assistant Manager in Airfield Maintenance at AIA. As the Assistant Manager, Mr. Briggs supervises the Airfield Maintenance Section which includes: Field Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, Airfield Electrical and the Administrative Staff. Ron Silva was promoted to
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My job position did not require me to drive any vehicles with a manual transmission and respondent did not require other similarly situated employees not of my race or national origin to obtain a CDL for driving vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions.”

Response: As articulated in the “Background” section, Mr. Casquejo was appointed to a Maintenance Specialist, Electrician Journey II position in the Facilities Maintenance Section and, as such, he was required to obtain a CDL Class B to perform his duties. All employees in the same position as Mr. Casquejo, including the foreman in the Facilities Maintenance Section are required to obtain a CDL Class B. Allegation Statement: “Respondent gave other employees not of my race or national origin a longer period of time than it gave me to obtain a CDL and continues to employ the other

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