Becoming An Electrician

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The reason why I chose to be an Electrician was because I thought it was interesting. The story behind me choosing this career was because when I was little I would always see my dad working on an electrical projects. Being an electrician is important to society because it helps people go on with their daily lives. It keeps electrical objects like heaters, lights and many other things running. I have seen this job in action by my dad when he worked on projects around the house and I have seen it on field trips. For these reasons this is why I chose to be an electrician and right this report on this topic.

Here’s the job description part of my report where I will talk about installation, maintenance, inspection/inspecting, and background experience.
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First, a high voltage electricians do many things such as inspecting, testing, analyzing, repairing, and calibrating primary transformers. Some of the qualifications for the job is to have background experience and education & training clearly stated on your application (Maxwell 98). Next, what a lighting technicians wire up any kind of shows such as game shows and studio sets that are indoors or outdoors. They plan what lights and effects go into the show and where they go. They also sit on the sets to monitor the shows so if something goes wrong they can fix it right away. They also work on the sets of movies, concerts, and theaters (Career Discovery Encyclopedia 20). Finally, an electrical engineer is the person who works on the framework and design parts of a building. They also help design, develop, and test electrical equipment. They install electrical items, implement research, & supervise and train team members. And they do so many other things on a project (Farr 301).

In conclusion, this whole career paper is all about why I want to be an electrician. Being an electrician is a great paying and interesting job. Yes, all the information I read is what I expected when I chose this career because I take a class on it. Yes, this is a career I am still interested in pursuing after high school because I like it and I get to work with my

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