Literacy Narrative: My Decision To Be A Nurse

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Literacy Narrative

Everyone has a story to tell, one of the most important stories anyone can tell is the story of how they came to choose their career path. My specific career path is nursing. Some Nurses tell a personal story of something medically happening to them. However my story is different. My story is about not only a family coming together, but also band of nurses and doctors coming together and in the end the heartbreak that shaped my decision to be a nurse.
Thursday, September 19, 2014 at 5:42 A.M is where my story begins. I remember the events as if they happened yesterday. I remember the phone call from my grandmother, I remember hoping and praying that everything was okay. I left for school a couple of hours later. My first class of the day was english, around 30 minutes into class the phone rang and it was for me. I was going home for the day. When I got to the car my mom was in tears. She told me that Uncle Jimmy was being rushed to the hospital due to a major tear in his aorta. We had to go and pick up my 2 little brothers and
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These visitors included so many doctors and nurses and even hospital chaplains. The brough my family so many words of wisdom. We knew that no matter what was gonna happen, we knew that the doctors and surgeons were doing everything that they could possibly do to ensure that my uncle would stay with us. A big group of people even brought my whole family food from a local restaurant. The amount of food that they brought to us had to of totalled more than $500. It was so amazing to see people do such kind things out of the goodness of there this experience really proved to me that nurses and doctors do have hearts. They aren't all cynical medical students who are robot trained. This really helped my decision in becoming a nurse. I am such an emotional person that I want a job where I am able to put my heart and soul into what I

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