Auto Mechanics Is An Automotive Mechanic

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Your car breaks down , who fixes it? how do you find out what the problem is? Your answer to that is a Automotive Mechanic! the career of Auto Mechanics is an interesting career because of the things you are able to learn and do. The research will describe the career of Mechanics and the impact it has on society and topics dealing with this career. Before cars were made people traveled by horses. when vehicles were made and were available just before the beginning of the 1900s car owners went to bicycle mechanics or blacksmiths to repair or fabricate parts The motor wagon created by karl Benz led to the first mechanics. Mechanics goes further back than the end of the nineteenth century. As long as their been machines there have been mechanics. …show more content…
Most auto mechanic schools do hands on training instead of sitting in a classroom. if you know someone who knows how to work on cars ask for help you can gain some knowledge by experience. There are many related occupations dealing with mechanics such as autobody and glass, diesel service technician,heavy vehicles and small engines. Automotive body and glass repairers restore refinish and replace vehicle bodies and frames windshields and window glass. Diesel service technicians repair buses trucks and anything dealing with a diesel engine. Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment inspect and repair vehicles and machinery used in construction farming and railroad transport. Small engine mechanics specialize in one type of equipment such as boats and motorcycles and cars we drive today.
The salary depends on how much training a mechanics has to depend on how much they make and also how quickly a mechani learns. An average salary for a mechanic is 36,000 dollars a year. people who start off as a journeyman make more money than most mechanics because they know more. Getting certified and becoming a master mechanic can increase to high pay. highest paid mechanics make 61,000 dollars a year making them the ten percent of all mechanics that make over 59,000 dollars a
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Mechanics have to take classes on the newest technology to understand how it works and how to fix it if there is a problem. Mechanics need to understand computerized technology because they’re trying to move away from gas engine into electric vehicles. Mechanics start out as journeymen and to advance the must take classes to become a master mechanic.A master mechanic is one who is thoroughly skilled and in charge of other mechanics Most mechanics become master mechanics but you can specialize in on parts of the automotive industry,but that hardly happens most mechanics become a master mechanic. After studying this career in a debt and finding out what mechanics do. I believe this is something I don 't want to do after I graduate high school. after the research and job shadowing i don’t find it interesting to make this a career. At first i thought it would be cool and interesting to do it but as i went further into finding out what they do I don 't find interesting. for instance if they don’t have any cars to work on you’re just sitting there and you could not get any cars at all and you get paid on how many cars you get in and base on what 's wrong with the

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