The Reflection Of Mechanical Power

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Mechanical power is defined as torque and RPM (rotation per minute) and electric power is defined as current and voltage. Therefore, in order convert mechanical power into electric power, torque shall be converted into current and rpm shall be changed into voltage. The relation between the rpm and voltage can be defined with equations with the use of Equations. When there is a decrease in value in equations there is an increase in efficiency of power generator. In here, there is no loss when value is 0. Therefore, Equations can be defined accordingly with conservation of energy principle suggesting generating power is same as mechanical power. Then, the relation between torque and current can be induced as Equations.

Since current is
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The (MPPT) technique is said to extract the most mechanical power from wind turbines. It only uses 1 wind speed sensor to regulate the speed to it’s normal value. Therefore there is no need for any kind of sensor (tachometer) or the shaft power meter, etc. the instant angular speed of the turbine is extracted from the output voltage of the generator coupled to the turbine. The (MPPT) technique is verified to have 98.04% efficiency that is more than any other technique used not only that the convergence time takes only 18ms, which is the shortest time compared to another techniques. The (MPPT) technique provides the highest MPPT efficiency along with the shortest tracking convergence time when it is compared to the state of the art techniques for extracting maximum mechanical power from turbines. It is very simple, has low cost, and has a very good response to sudden change in wind speed, and these are considered to be …show more content…
The wind turbines are used to change the kinetic energy to electrical energy & mechanical power as we all know that but what happens inside of that mechanism is what is important. Most turbines have from 2 to 3 blades and the wind moving over the blades causes them to rotate, as the blades rotate they spin the shaft which is connected to the electrical generator. Turbines are complicated machines that includes sophisticated gearboxes for increasing the spinning shaft speed from 30 to 60 (rpm) required by most of the generators to produce electricity. The power in the win is directly proportional to the cube of the wind speed, to make that clear, for example a 20 (KPH) wind speed will generate 8 times the power of 10 (KPH). However this doesn’t happen a lot cause of the wind change in speed that occur. The wind speed depends on many factors such as the time of the day, the change in temperature, and the height of pole the more higher you go the more wind speed you will have but with more turbulence at higher altitudes. The modern wind turbines are made from 60 to 100 meters tall. The rotor blades can be more than 120 meters, because of the wind turbine is operating at high altitude and the huge rotor diameter wind speed differs at the ends of the blades which may

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