Electrical impedance

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  • Analysis Of Using Maximum Power And Norton's Theorem

    PROCEDURE Maximum power and Norton’s Theorem will be performed to solve the unknowns within the given circuit. How to use both Maximum Power and Norton’s Theorem properly, are to be explained in order to solve a circuit using these approaches. THEORY MAXIMUM POWER Maximum power states that a load receives max power from a network when it’s resistance is exactly equal to the Thevenin and Norton resistance of the network supplying the power (as shown below): If the load resistance is higher or lower than the Thevenin/Norton equivalent then there would be no maximum power continued on next page: AT 0.5 Ω: AT 1.1 Ω In Max Power a bell curve graph would be used to show the correlation between power (R_L) versus resistance (R_S) continued on next page: NORTON’S THEOREM As similar to Thevenin’s Theorem, Norton’s Theorem is an approach that takes a complex circuit and turns it into an equivalent circuit. But in Norton’s Theorem the equivalent circuit has a current source and a resistance in parallel with the load resistance (R_X). Continued on next page: HOW IS IT USED When using Norton’s Theorem the load resistance is removed and replaced with a short (wire) and points labeled A and B. The reason to label the points A and B is to show where the meter would measure the unknown voltage and current associated with the load resistance. Next the load resistor is placed into the Norton’s equivalent circuit. In addition to that, the equivalent circuit is…

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  • Analysis Of UWB Communication Systems

    enhance isolation and increase bandwidth impedance, fork shaped stub added in the ground plane of the antenna. Due to interference of WIMAX (3.3-3.7 GHZ) and WLAN (5.2-5.8 GHz) on UWB dual band notch function is perform. For achieving the dual band notch characteristics, trekking slot cut in the patch with feed and C- shaped strip are placed adjacently to the feed line of the antenna. Due to fork shaped stub in ground plane, reducing of mutual coupling between elements | | ≤ -20dB. Peak…

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  • Engineering Personal Statement

    In this era of technology, I feel a sense of pride in being so closely associated with the field of Electrical and Electronics. Right from my school days I was inevitably enthralled by the functions of electrical and electronics equipment. By the time I was preparing for my 12th board practical examination I had quite figured out what I wanted to be or which one I would choose for something that would make me quite curious and also amaze me to a great extent that I wanted to learn more.…

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  • The Importance Of An Information Security Analyst

    I became interested with an Information Security Analyst because my father is one. Every take your child to work day I would wake up early with my dad and run to his car excited to go to his office for the day. The building is a plain, brown brick building, but every time I saw it, I instantly got excited. Walking into the office everyone knew my name, I would always wave at everyone I saw. The secretary always gave me a lollipop and called me her “Little bundle of sunlight”. I would then go…

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  • Notes: The Basic Theory Of Power Transfer Network

    Exchange of real power between shunt and series controllers through dc power link. (Figure 2.3.4) Chapter: 3 SIMULATION OF UNCOMPANSATED TRANSMISSION LINE 3.1 Data of uncompensated transmission line The Simulink diagram of uncompensated transmission line is given below. We do this simulation in MATLAB software. The data of uncompensated transmission line is given below, 11kv transmission line (supply voltage) Source impedance =…

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  • CMSC131 Internship Experience

    But what does the real world look like? This question is so ambiguous that it has become a canned question that stumps some interviewers. Based on my three internship experiences (though diverse across location and industry), a more realistic answer of what a software engineer does instead of just reading a spec and working with teammates from a solid 9-5 (or 10-6) is this. The engineer gets in the office, opens Outlook, and proceeds to get inundated by emails sent while he was eating dinner or…

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  • Raspberry Pi Research Paper

    2.1 OVERVIEW OF PROJECT The project consists of a module that is being used for image processing. This is done by employing a Raspberry Pi development board and the convex hull method. The power source is a 230 V AC supply which is being converted to 12 V AC and then to DC using a rectifier circuit. This is powering the relay circuit that is being employed. A robotic arm with 2 active motors has been used to demonstrate the plenty applications that this technology could be used for. The…

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  • Pursuing A Career In Computer Science

    Many people do not realize what exactly computer science is or what the people who choose this as a career path actually do on a day to day basis. Many think that those who deal with computers just sit and play games or sit and endlessly input data into a computer. However, this is not the case, there is a scientific part of computer science that gives individuals freedom to be creative and learn about new and exciting developments in the computerized world. There are many career…

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  • Electrical Engineering Research Paper

    Thomas Edison who is credited with being one of the world’s first electrical engineers. Electrical engineering requires a vast array of skills and talents, but offers numerous opportunities for employment along with several perks such as traveling and the knowledge to solve almost any problem. Electrical engineering dates back to William Gilbert, the father of electrical engineering, in the 19th century. Gilbert invented the versorium, a device that detects static electricity. Although a…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone? Alexander was constantly working on scientific experiments and he became a famous man. Now, hundreds of thousands people can communicate through phones. Bell also worked on a school to help the deaf to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired …

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