Project Of Krughutte Solar Park

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The moment I saw that tremendous project of Krughütte Solar Park in Germany was a crossroads in my scientific life. Not mentioning Alta Wind Energy Center, Full faith has been created in the depths of my heart that this is definitely going to be the most important technological revolution in the twenty-first century. The clean free renewable energy sources and their applications are increasingly embraced all over the world. It is just a matter of time when the world will wake up to news about great achievements enabling using alternative sources without any main restrictions. This moment will be very soon, and this sparks my motivations to be an effective and contributing electrical power engineer in this paradigm shift. This rapid increase of renewable sources integration necessarily leads to new power grids. In brief, my research concerns fundamental engineering and economic challenges facing our rapidly evolving electricity smart grid.

The electricity industry is experiencing vast changes. Generation and utilization of power energy in the future will be not the same as today. More alternative sources of energy, for example, the wind and the sun will necessitate small-scale distributed generation sources, which are not as uniform as is currently the case. Research in the field of smarter electricity grids is increasingly crucial to how we cope with the energy issues in the future. This is the place I come in. I do believe that the problems of electricity industry are

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