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  • Similarities And Differences

    Based on the two articles by Marzano that were assigned to read and this week’s content on adaptations for ELLs, in a word-processed document, write a summary of the significant elements of Practice, Homework and Identifying Similarities and Differences integrating concrete examples and/or non-examples from your teaching practice. Homework and practice go hand to hand when students are learning on their own and applying new concepts. As mentioned and described by Marzano, and according to the information provided in the two articles homework and practice are fundamental practices to enhance student achievement. Several elements are described to be involved when providing effective opportunities of practice. For instance, considering the…

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  • Athens And Sparta Differences

    Athens and Sparta had many differences, but they also had many similarities. In the essay will cover government, education and social roles for Athens and Sparta. Government as well as education and social roles had many differences and similarities. Government had many differences. (Such as Sparta having a military base and Athens having a smarter base.) Education also had many differences. (Such as Athens teaching their boys to read and write and Sparta teaching theirs to fight.) Social…

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  • Cultural Similarities And Differences

    Despite our cultures being continent apart, there are similarities and differences on how communication works in our cultures. The goal of the assignment is for two students of different background to interview each other and learn what is alike and distinct between their cultures. Leslie Leanos is the person that I interviewed for this essay. She is from a Mexican-American background while my background is Vietnamese. We came up with five questions and recorded our answers on the document. We…

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  • Differences Between The Book And Movie

    The differences between the movie and the book are great. There are people missing and scenes cut. There are people added and scenes added. For the most part though, the theme seemed to stay generally the same. These differences come about because of the difference of how movies focus more on drama and books go more in depth, so they came give more detail. The summary, in the general, for both translations Hannah is complaining about the remembering. She is tired of going over her…

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  • Difference Between Rounder And Basketball

    In basketball, both teams will wear distinctive colours that you can tell the difference between. Where as in rounders both teams could wear the exact same colour kit or the same kit. In basketball both teams are on the pitch are on the pitch at the same time so in order to recognize who's on what team they wear different colour kits to stop confusion as basketball is a fast pace sport with a lot going on at once. Not only that but also they wear a number on the back of the shirt to distinguish…

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  • Similarities And Differences In The Lottery, By Charles Dickens

    Today we will be talking about the similarities and differences of two stories both written by the same author. Those stories go by the name of “The Lottery,” and “Charles.” Some similarities consist of a Plot twist, or dialogue, or even Foreshadowing. The differences consist of Symbolism, Static character, and Tone. We will go over the differences later but now let’s go over the similarities. We will start it off with a Plot Twist. In “The Lottery” for instance, the plot twist turned out…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Cinderella And Disney's

    she ended up finding it. While some similarities between Grimm’s Cinderella and Disney’s Cinderella are noticeable, the differences are striking. In both versions of Cinderella, Cinderella’s father is portrayed as a rich man that re-marries. This is showed when he gives her everything she wants. Also, he remarries a woman with two selfish daughters. However, there are some main differences between the two characters that play the father. In Grimm’s Cinderella, her father never dies. He lives…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Different Generations

    The old saying, “Now, when I was a kid” is used frequently from each generation, no matter the age difference. From one generation, to the next, many things change. Various topics like technology, education, entertainment, and fashion always seems to change between each generation. During an interview with Kari Farritor, who is forty years old, she talks about how she woke up in the morning, to all they way to how she used to dress. It is crazy how some things are different, but some things are…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Highschool And College

    things as well, since you go a shorter time to school in college than in high school a week. In addition, in high school there is not a lot of class options there is only a few, compare to college there is a variety of class options you could choose from. The classes are also more advanced in college, than in high school, meaning that college is a bit more challenging. Class size is not the same at all anymore either. In college there are classes of 45 students or even more, up to 300 students…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Raja And Mekea

    Objective: (What is the central focus of the lesson?) The students will be able to….. {3 pts} The students will be able to identify the similarities and differences between two ideas, characteristics, or characters. Students will then be able to compare and contrast the concepts between the two concepts. Student Outcomes: (What will the students do?) {5 pts} Students will identify the similarities and differences between Diana, Raja, and Mekea. Students will use these identified traits to…

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