The Similarities And Differences Of Jamestown, And Virginia

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Ross Landgraf
Mr. Garland
HIS 131-IN1
16 October 2016
The similarities and differences of Massachusetts and Virginia.
Massachusetts and Virginia had many similarities, but both also had many differences. Jamestown, Virginia was established in the year of 1607 by the Virginia Company of England. Shortly after Jamestown was established, Plymouth, Massachusetts was established in the year of 1620 by The Pilgrims. Both of these colony’s had many similarities, but along with these many similarities also came many differences. Some of these similarities and differences include how and by whom the colonies were founded, the main religion that was practiced within those colonies, and the way the colonies were run or their government. Even though the
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The difference of these religions could be due to the different people that settled in each colony. In the colony of Jamestown, Virginia the main religion was Anglican. The Anglican religion was the main religion of the Church of England. The main leaders of the Virginia were part of the Church of England, so when they established Jamestown this was the religion that was brought with. The religion in Plymouth, Massachusetts was a religion derived from the church of England known as Puritanism. The reason the founding population of Plymouth did not also practice the Anglican religion was because they had previously separated from the church of England was due to the fact they believed that the church had too many Roman Catholic rituals. This difference in religion is what caused the people of Plymouth, Massachusetts to come to North America in the first place because they wanted to have their own colony to practice their choice of religion. Although both of the colonies religions started with the Church of England one was slightly different. This again shows how the differences developed due to the two different groups that established the colonies of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Jamestown, …show more content…
When Jamestown, Virginal was established the government was a representative government that was made up of a council of seven men and also one president. After a couple years when the second charter came to Jamestown to further develop the colony a stronger government was implemented. This government was led by Governor John Smith. John Smith implemented harsh punishments for those who did not do as he said. This caused King James I to lose all power of Jamestown, which led to the ending of martial law. After this, the legislative assembly was established and some of the power was given to some of the settlers, leading to the first representative government to begin in the year of 1619. The government in Plymouth, Massachusetts was similar but did not take as long to establish a very strong government as it did in Jamestown. The government was made up of all of the men that were on the Mayflower. The government was established when all of those men signed a document called the Mayflower Compact. This formed a very strong group that controlled the colonies government for forty years. These governments were very similar but both had their slight differences. Though both governments became very strong over

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