Digital elevation model

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  • The Importance Of Regolith In West Africa

    reduced or overcome by employing airborne geophysical data and remote sensing data (Wilford et al., 1997; Papp 2002, Woolrych and Batty, 2007; Cracknell et al., 2015), which assess the diverse physical properties of regolith materials. These datasets provide superior data coverage and may be utilized both via visual interpretation and automated classification methods. In countries such as Australia or Canada, precompetitive datasets that include moderate resolution airborne geophysics (magnetic, gamma-ray spectrometry), digital elevation models and their derivatives are readily available at no cost and provide a wealth of information that can be exploited (Cracknell et al., 2015). Indeed, one can estimate the chemical composition or mineralogy of regolith material from airborne gamma-ray spectrometry or multispectral/hyperspectral remote sensing (provided the terrain is not extensively covered by vegetation), terrain morphology from the digital elevation models (SRTM), and surface roughness or prevailing geometric shapes from radar imagery (ALOS PALSAR, Radarsat-2). Martelet et al. (2006) used Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering algorithm to classify airborne gamma-ray spectrometry data in French Guyana and noticed that ferralitic and bauxitic duricrusts display elevated U, Th content relative to K. In West Africa, Grimaud et al. (2015) used the Th/K ratio images to map the extent of the High glacis regolith surface. Regolith landform-maps were derived from gamma-ray…

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  • Dana Point Case Study

    3), erosional paths (Fig. 4), areas of possible landslides (Fig. 4) and sea caves (Figure 5). Field Mapping Four faults were mapped while walking alongside the cliffs after flying the drones. Dips were 42 to the S, 83 to the N, 70 to the S, and 44 to the south. If more faults were to be mapped, a trend may be noticed and useful when estimating the slump or landslide potential of the cliffs. These data points were uploaded as a KMZ file and put on Google Earth (Figure 6). From visual inspection…

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  • Analysis Of The Pike29 Track

    The aim of this study is to identify whether a cost paths analysis is a feasible method to identify the ‘best’ route for the Pike29 track using the eight identified factors. Ideally this will identify a track that has the natural characteristics and amenity value, meets the necessary requirements of a great walk, and is reasonably easy to maintain. This model may then be able to be used for identifying further areas to construct tracks across New Zealand. METHODOLOGY AND FLOW CHART STUDY AREA…

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  • Ce 1440 Water Resources Engineering Case Study

    also prolonged. For the given site, the reservoir is located in the upstream portion of the watershed while the pipe system is located in the lower portion and close to the watershed outlet. Please answer the following questions. If you need to make any assumptions, please clearly state them. (1) List all the data that you would use for the original design of the existing reservoir and the pipe system of the site described above (The data will be used in the HEC-HMS model and the SWMM model). …

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  • Cost Paths Analysis Essay

    point); portal to the amenities area; and the ventilation shaft to Blackball. The results clearly illustrate it is possible to use cost paths modelling to identify a track. However, further assessment will be necessary around the aesthetic value of the track, to assess whether it is in the ‘best location’. The track seems to be in relatively straight liens for the most part with no switchbacks, and few loops. Figure 5: from ArcGlobe illustrates the terrain and landscape surrounding the track,…

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  • Negative Effects Of Technology On Human Race

    We are known as the digital native 's, if you put all of us together on an island we would honestly not know how to survive. Ever since we were children there have been cell phones, or computers to distract us when we were bored. You then have the digital immigrants who are now adults that grew up with out technology and had to learn how to communicate with it as they got older. People born in the digital native era have a different kind of knowledge then digtal immigrants do. There are two…

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  • Digital Workplace In The 21st Century

    DIMENSION SEVEN: THE RELATION OF THE OLD TO THE NEW Defining change and a digital workplace Change is inevitable. Change is significantly apparent in ‘New learning’ or ‘21st learning’ as there is a substantial amount of research contributing to the idea of transforming learning environments, in turn, changing ‘classroom’ or ‘learning space’ dynamics. Change can be relative. Cuban (1993) explains that for some teachers substituting textbooks, deciding to implement technology such as computers…

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  • Disadvantages Of Digital Supply Chain

    Digital Supply Chain “Supply chain digitization means moving all aspects of a supply chain online, including procurement, invoicing,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Interactive Learning

    INTRODUCTION Interactive learning is a learning system that combines together the effect of social networking and urban computing within the same curriculum. Interactive learning has become dominant from a round 2000 and this is due to the increase in the number of people involved in the digital technology and virtual communication. It is a system where the boundary between the educator and the learner means completely nothing and the educators can no longer be regarded as the keeper of…

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  • Summary: My Response To Ritchin And Balsamo

    My Response to Ritchin and Balsamo. From the four reads of the week by Ritchin and Balsamo, my main takeaway from Ritchin was the advancement of digital photography and how it has made it easier for photographers to tell their story through imagery, plus the added effect that tells a false story and Balsamo the unconscious consequence of technological innovations on culture. “Photography, as we have known it, is both ending and enlarging, with an evolving medium hidden inside it as in a…

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