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  • Case Study: Disruption Of English Learner And Context

    instruction she will need to recognize how Spanish and English relate and transfer. Due to a high level of correspondence of sounds in the Spanish and English language. For example, Janet’s instruction should include review of phonic elements with positive transfers from Spanish to English. A few of these phonic elements are /l/ spelled l, /g/ spelled g in ga, go, gu, /f/ spelld f and /m/ spelled m (Colorin Colorado, 2007). In addition, capitalizing on the differences between Spanish and English will also assist Janet in learning phonological difference (Colorin Colorado, 2007). The differences Janet would need to recognize consist of learning the Spanish phonic elements with a negative transfer, such as, h is a silent letter, ll is a consonant digraph and v is pronounced /b/. Moreover learning English phonic elements with zero transfer is just as important such as, long…

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  • Reflection On Practicum Placement

    inflectional endings of words, and vowel digraphs/trigraphs and vowel patterns were obviously weak areas for her. The student also seemed very hesitant and self-conscious from what I had seen during my classroom observation. I perceived that confidence was a huge factor in her academic struggle. When I completed the assessments, I began to put the information together and formulate a plan of action. I knew I had to make motivation/encouragement part of each lesson. I also decided to take…

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  • Mini Lesson: Observation In The Classroom

    Have students dismiss from the rug and go back to their desks by calling colors that they are wearing (ex. “If you are wearing green you my act like a spider and crawl back to your desks”). Once students get to their desks, ask the student who is listed on the job chart for paper passer outer to pass out the “bl” and “th” blend and digraph worksheets. Go over the directions with the students. Have the students say the directions back to you in order, use a step method to help students remember…

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  • Summary: Classroom Analysis

    short vowels, digraphs and blends. Regardless, based on his results he will be included in the middle letter name-alphabetic instructional level group to reinforce his short vowel, digraphs, and blends to progress to the next stage. Based upon the assessment data from the classroom composite inventory listed, four small groups targeting different curricula goals will be formed. Even if feature points suggest students are in a particular stage, spelling features from earlier stages implied the…

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  • Miley Case Study Answers

    She also was able to spell all of the digraphs correctly, as well as understand the –ed ending. Her biggest struggles in the beginning were that she did not distinguish between short and long vowel sounds. She struggled with almost every long vowel pattern except –o_e and –ea. She also had troubles with the other vowels except –or, and the inflected endings. She was able to get the –ed ending, but she had troubles with –s, -ies, and –pping. Between all three of the Spelling Inventories, she…

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  • English Language: Deciphering The Alphabetic Language

    (graphemes) of written language and the individual sounds (phonemes) of spoken language” (McWalters, 2001). In other words, Phonics helps beginning readers to understand how letters are linked to sound to form letter-sound agreements. Phonics is the decoding of our alphabet. Phonemes have two classifications, which are vowels and constants. In phonics there are two types of combinations constants, which are blends and digraphs. Also in phonics there are two distinct vowel types, which are long…

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  • Breaking Down Phonic Analysis

    blends with the letters ch. Consonant blends are mixing two consonants together to make a new sound that combines their unique sounds. Cole intended to make the sound sh, but used ch instead. I labeled this use at attempting consonant blending. Cole had the right idea, but was not quite able to connect the correct letters to make the right sound. The next word was “won” which was intended to be one. He used the phonemic element of short vowels in this word with the letter o. He used this letter…

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  • Phonics Mastery Survey

    Two examples of other informal reading assessments are the Phonics Mastery Survey and Phonemic Awareness Assessments. The Phonics Mastery Survey is an informal tool for assessing various phonics elements. This assessment measures a student’s ability to recognize consonant sounds, rhyming words, consonant digraphs, long vowel sounds, words with CVC patterns, consonant blends, variant vowel sounds, and syllables in words (DeVries 2011 p.112). A student’s ability to use knowledge of sound/letter…

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  • Derek's Case Study

    personal care and interacts well with others. Derek’s mother and father express concerns for Derek’s attention and hyperactivity, and indicate issues with Derek displaying an argumentative attitude and issues with completing homework. Derek’s parents expressed feelings that Derek receive a program with intensive, individualized instruction to meet his academic needs and deficits and are supportive of him attending a special education class for students with learning disabilities. Skill Area:…

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  • Case Study Of Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development

    development has grown in his thinking, reasoning, and decision making. One way was oftentimes my student had difficulty gauging which book to choose when it was time for his free read, he would either pick books that were too easy or books that were too advanced he struggled through the entire book and eventually would quit reading. Nonetheless, as I worked with my student, I found his level of understanding which books to choose from that were in his grade level had progressed. He has started…

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