Mini Lesson: Observation In The Classroom

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Mini Lesson (10:00): (Supportive Reading) [Introduction]

1. Call students over to the by table groups:

(Example: Boys and girls can I have Jacks table stand up and push their chair in? Students would say: “Stand up and push my chair in” three times as they are standing up from their seat and pushing their chairs in. Students would then stand being their chair. Okay, Jack’s group, go ahead and use your marshmallow toes and quietly come over to the rug and find your spot (Students spots are marked with each students name on a piece of tap placed on the rug). Do the same for each table until all of the students are sitting on the rug.

2. Remind students of behavior expectations:

Listen while others are talking

Keep your hands and feet to
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Have students dismiss from the rug and go back to their desks by calling colors that they are wearing (ex. “If you are wearing green you my act like a spider and crawl back to your desks”). Once students get to their desks, ask the student who is listed on the job chart for paper passer outer to pass out the “bl” and “th” blend and digraph worksheets. Go over the directions with the students. Have the students say the directions back to you in order, use a step method to help students remember (step one, write my name, step two . . .). Have students put their finger on their nose if they know the directions. Call on a couple of students to say the steps again (Jake: “Step one, write you name.” Katie: “Step two, . . .”). Once the students have the directions down allow students to start their worksheet. The teacher should be preparing for center time and guided reading but available to help students if they raise their hand. Students can turn in their paper once they are finished and read silently or draw until everyone is done. Students should have fifteen to twenty minutes to complete the worksheet. Students who usually take longer have the writing center as their first center so they can finish up their worksheet if need

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