Case Study Another Typical Day By Mrs. Arling

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In order to have effective instruction, it is crucial that teachers have an understanding of child development. Throughout their years in school, children experience a myriad of social, emotional, and behavioral changes. Teachers should implement research based strategies in order to develop a caring learning environment so these changes can take place alongside learning. In the case study “Another Typical Day,” Mrs. Arling must ensure her students are making academic progress; however, she still must attend to the social and emotional needs of her student. Countless studies show that the most effective way to provide instruction is to introduce it in a concrete way; once students have an understanding, only then can they understand it pictorially. By having the concepts taught concretely and pictorially first, students are ready to receive instruction on the abstract. Studies also show that students learn best when collaborating on work while the teacher provides individual assistance. It has also been proven that one-on-one and more individualized attention helps students achieve more. Mrs. Arling encounters many …show more content…
Arling meets learner needs by dividing the students so they are engaging in social learning. This also allows her the opportunity to work with a smaller group of students as she assists each group. Students who receive individualized assistance, according to research, perform better academically indicating that Mrs. Arling is using the correct approach (Oliver, Wehby, and Reschly, 2009). In contrast, when students do not receive individual attention they can quickly become frustrated which impairs the ability to make connections and store new information (Oliver et al., 2009). By providing specific instruction in a smaller group Mrs. Arling and her aide are able to more effectively and efficiently assist students in a way that encourages learning and discourages overwhelming feelings which could cause the student to stop

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