Brown Bear Greeting: My Experience In The Classroom

This week, I was able to be more involved in the actual teaching within the classroom. Last week, I monitored student behavior a lot and made sure that everyone was on task when they were supposed to be. However, this week I taught morning meeting and skills block. During morning meeting, we would listen to the daily announcements on the overhead, then I would call everyone down to the carpet to sit in a circle. We began each day with a friendly greeting. This week it was “Brown Bear Greeting”, and starting with me, I would turn to the student seated to my right and say, “________ , _________ , (say the name of the student) what do you see?” They would say, “ I see ________ (whoever was speaking to them, in this case it was me) Mrs. Reddick, looking at …show more content…
Then the student and I would shake hands and say “Good morning!”. This would continue on until the last student said her greeting to me. Next, I had them sit in their assigned spots on the carpet so that we could go over the calendar. We went over the calendar, day of the week, how many days we have been in school, daily boy and girl helper, lunch count, and as a class we said the alphabet linking chart together out loud. Next I selected 5 friends to share their “All About Me” bags that they were assigned as homework the first week. These “All About Me” bags was a cute, fun way for everyone to get to know one another. Lastly, we would move into skills block. This week, we were working on word families. Each day, I created an anchor chart and called on students to think of words with the current sound of the word family (at, am, an, ap). After we gathered 6-10 words on our anchor chart, I asked them to sit at their desks and I passed out a workshop for them to complete that corresponded with the current word family that we were working on. I would give them about 15 minutes or so to work on this solo, then I drew sticks to pair each student with a partner so that they could

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