Gitl: Movie Vs. Movie

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The differences between the movie and the book are great. There are people missing and scenes cut. There are people added and scenes added. For the most part though, the theme seemed to stay generally the same. These differences come about because of the difference of how movies focus more on drama and books go more in depth, so they came give more detail.

The summary, in the general, for both translations Hannah is complaining about the remembering. She is tired of going over her family 's past. At the passover meal she is asked to open the door for Elijah. At that time she is traveled back in time to the time when the Natzis were slaying the Jews. When she is there she learns what her ancestors experienced, how they felt, and
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Talking of characters, many are there even if they are playing a slightly different role. For example, Rivka is still in the movie but is Hannah’s cousin. This gives the movie a different feel because Gitl is not there to give the story that motherly figure. You also don’t receive Yitzchak or his children. Instead they replace that family for a more random little girl who gives Hannah the chance to show her mother-like fashion. The producers for the move also decided to leave Grandpa Will in the dust. You do not seem to get the same feeling that you got out of him when he was there, but they managed to fill in the gap. They also leave out Aaron which is not a big deal but it was noticeable. For the movie they add Rivka’s mother, Ariel, and a young woman with a baby. Rivka’s mother did not have huge part. Ariel is a boy that Hannah meets while going to camp. He was not the most important character in the world. The young woman with the baby is there in the movie to show the ultimate sacrifice that was give. Where a mother cared so much for her baby that she died for the baby. The characters that are kept are Hannah, Rivka, Shmuel, Rabbi, Aunt Eva, and Mom and …show more content…
One of the real themes main themes is how much family matters. In both the movie and book, family plays a big roll. They learn the meaning of family and how much it really does matter. Equally important is the ultimate sacrifice is giving your life for a loved one. They had to sacrifice each other but also themselves. To help them with the unyielding thought of sacrifice, they had to put their faith in God. By doing so, they had to trust that God would help them through the never-ending torment of the camps. Additionally, they learned to never give hope. The Jews had to find hope and believe that they would one day make it out of the camps. They had to believe that they would go back to the life that they used to have, even if there was family and friends missing. Lastly they learned the meanings of loving one another enough that they risk their life for each

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