How Does Night By Elie Wiesel Change

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The Holocaust has been a dark time in history for mankind. It is the most commonly known genocide that has ever existed. Genocide is the systematic killing of a group because of their race, gender, and religion. The memoir is about a jewish teenager names Eliezer Wiesel and his life in Hungary. After the Germans invade Hungary, Elie and his family are taken to a concentration camp. The book is about the family’s life and the horrors they experience that will changes them forever. The memoir Night by Elie Wiesel is about negative changes and it reveals the impact it makes on a person. Elie Wiesel changes in the text emotionally, physically, and mentally throughout the memoir Night. Elie faces a major emotional change in the book at the concentration camp and at …show more content…
The mental and spiritual change the family goes through after they reach the camp is enormous. Elie asks himself “Where is God? Where is He?”... And [he] heard a voice within [himself] answer him: “He is—He is hanging here on this gallows” and dead inside the concentration camp (Weisel 65). In the fourth section, Elie sees the death of a boy who is hanged for collaborating against the Nazis. This moment shows the small amount of faith Elie has left in God. The death of the kid also shows the death of Elie’s childhood and vulnerability because he has witnessed something horrible. Before the war, Elie cannot even imagine himself going against his god and his belief but, now he is not sure if god is there with him anymore. The memoir Night and the mental experiences Elie faced “causes us to reflect on our own fears and insecurities” and how it has affected the lives of people (0:16 - 0:19). It shows the mental connection and impact Elie shows in the memoir which, also connects the text to the reader and makes them think about what Elie is going through and how the reader can make a connection with how the characters have been mentally

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