Character Change In Night By Elie Wiesel

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As a little star in the night sky so was Elie Wiesel with his book Night. Ever so different he describes himself and his family set out on the adventure from Sighet, Transylvania to the Auschwitz death camp. There, they were mentally and physically washed of their character, forgetting about who they really were.Elie was a survivor of the Holocaust in the midst of WWII. Tragically despite the fact that he could make due through the unfortunate occasions, his family was not ready to remain until the end. Wiesel 's character changed entirely in the midst of his experiences in Auschwitz causing him to lost his trust in God.. Disregarding these hardships, he changed out of god 's coupling chains of unanswered questions and was able to change into a skeleton that was able to focus on oneself instead as he has showed us in his story.
The best change in Elie Wiesel 's character was that
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NO matter what happened he was still alive and aiming for the goal to keep living(109). He makes: "our first go about as free men were to heave ourselves onto the acquisitions. We considered that. Not of requital, not of our families. Simply bread" (109). Simply display that, Elie has lost his character, to the point that he is evading others like a creature of an outcast, but still having comprehension in how to keep the nature to survive.This steadiness demonstrated that he never could give up life. Elie by one means or another pushed past the Nazi furiousness to survive the nonattendance of strong sustenance torment. Certainly, even as his feelings close down to the point where he couldn 't wail for his dead father, he was closing down so he could survive the experience of the concentration camps. By doing whatever he foresaw that would so he could survive, Wiesel 's personality had changed simply because he has lost his

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