Elie Wiesel Identity Quotes

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Jessica R.

During the Holocaust, over six million individuals died, many deaths occurred from living in the concentration camps. Within the camps, inhumane acts were performed on the Jewish people. In Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie’s identity is changing from being religious and a follower of God to not having any faith in God, by staying true to himself and his faith, by dealing with tortious acts and by feeling that God was behind all of the danger.

Elie Wiesel 's Identity was always based on a connection with God, during the prison camps Wiesel always stayed true to his identity and kept God within his soul. In Ellie 's childhood, he was a believer in God, and practiced his faith. For example, Elie’s father did not approve of his son practicing
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The following eight words, changed the life of Elie Wiesel forever. “Men to the left! Women to the right!”(29). Separating the Jewish people by gender, left Elie’s father and him now dislocated from the rest of their family. Wiesel being separated from his mother, creates Elie to feel emotionally broken, due to the fact that he may never see her again”(29). Within a short few seconds, the entire Jewish community had just split into two sections, decided by gender. “In a fraction of a second,I could see my mother, my sisters, move to the right”(29). Elie saying how, his mother and sisters were gone in just a matter of a few seconds, shows how Elie felt alone, now that it is just his father and him. The SS officers were giving commands, to all of the men. When one of the officers approached Elie, he reacted nervous and stayed as close as he could to his father.“My hand tightened its grip on my father. All i could think of was not to lose him. Not to remain alone”(30). Elie was already in extreme fear, being separated from his mother, and now his biggest concern was losing his …show more content…
Unfortunately, he still went through a wide amount of horrific torture, leaving him with emotional pain that will be forever with him. Elie’s identity as a young adolescent, always consumed of him wanting to practice his faith, and be a follower of God. As he was first brought into the concentration camps, he believed that God would protect all in danger, and that everything would be okay. At the ending of the painful experiences - when the holocaust was over - Ellie no longer had the faith in God, that he always did before. His identity changed and left him feeling as if he was just a number, to a group of German Nazis that just wanted him dead. The reasoning of his identity changing drastically is due to the feeling that God was supposed to be there for all, and protect but God let the Nazis perform horrendous acts on innocent people. “Never shall I forget those flames, which consumed my faith forever…”(32). When the Jews first arrived to the concentration camps, they saw flames and smell the flesh of human bodies being burned to ashes, creating a sense of fear and danger that would last a

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