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The story takes place in 1941 Transylvanian. The narrator is a young boy of about 12 named Eliezer. He and his family are Orthodox Jews. Eliezer’s parents are very well respected shop owners. He also has two older sisters and a younger sister.
Eliezer is a student of the Jewish scripture the Talmud. He also studies some mystical Jewish texts. This part of his studies does not have his father’s approval, but Eliezer has a teacher he likes in Moshe the Beadle. Unfortunately Moshe is deported by the government. After many months, Moshe returns. He claims that he has escaped from the Gestapo and that all of the deportation trains were in the Nazi’s control. He claims to have seen Jews forced to dig their own graves and
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Eliezer states that they cannot breathe or sit. The heat is unbearable and they are hungry and thirsty. After many days of travel they arrive at the border of Czechoslovakia and the Jews on the train begin to realize their fate. A German officer takes each person’s valuables and then orders the car doors nailed shut on the passengers.
One woman on the train begins to scream each night that she sees fire outside of the car. The Jews in the train car are terrified of her screams and fear for their lives. To try and calm themselves, the passengers say that she is crazy. To stop her screaming, she is tied up and gagged. She breaks out of her ropes and is beaten by several people on the train to keep quiet. She keeps on screaming.
When the train finally reaches its destination, it arrives at Auschwitz. The Jewish passengers learn that they are at a labor camp and are told that they will be treated well. The Jews are relieved, but the woman begins screaming again that night. She is beaten once
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In the barracks he meets brothers named Yosi and Tibi. They also meet a violinist named Juliek. The brothers are Zionists and believe in a homeland for the Jews. Eliezer himself plans to move to Palestine.
Eliezer is sent to the dentist to have a gold tooth removed. He says he is sick and they do not pull the tooth. Eliezer learns that the dentist is hanged for trading in gold teeth.
Eliezer works hard to find food and stay alive. One day Eliezer is beaten by the man in charge of his work crew. A French girl comforts him after the beating.
Later Eliezer’s father is also beaten by Idek. Eliezer realizes how much he has changed because he is only concerned with himself. Instead of being angry at Idek, he blames his father.
Later a prison foreman notices Eliezer’s gold tooth. Eliezer refuses to give the tooth to him. Franek beats Eliezer’s father until Eliezer gives up. There are other beatings, including one when Idek publicly whips Eliezer. At another time, the prisoners see a man shot to death as he tried to eat some soup. Other prisoners are hanged in public. The other Jewish prisoners do not cry, except when a child is

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