What Is The Summary Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Name: Raj Dave

Note-Taking: Night
Your notes for reading Night will count for a QUIZ grade!

Each day after silent reading, take a few minutes to add details and thoughts to your Chapter notes for Night. These will help you with discussion activities, as well as your Night assessment.

Summaries of a chapter should be 1-3 sentences that tell the important events in the chapter.
Key quotations are those that seem most significant to the chapter, either to a character, a conflict, or a theme
Questions/Reflections: What are you thinking or wondering after having read this section? 1-2 notes is sufficient.

Chapter 1
Summary: Elie, the main character lived in a town called Sighet in Transylvania. He was Jewish boy. His tutor, Moshe was deported
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We cannot give up, we cannot give up, she kept repeating” (Wiesel 20).
Why did Moshe get deported?
The Jews are sent out of their homes everyday in the sun to be counted by the policemen
Does Elie know what’s really going on?

Chapter 2
Summary: The Jews were crammed into a convoy car heading to a concentration camp where they would stay. A lady on the bus, Mrs. Schachter, would scream every night, “Look at the flames” in fear but there was no flames in sight. When the bus arrived to the concentration camp there were flames/smoke coming from the chimney giving off a smell of burning flesh.
Key quotation: “‘Jews, look! Look at the fire! Look at the flames!’ And as the train stopped, this time we saw flames rising from a tell chimney into a black sky” (Wiesel 28).
Has Mrs. Schachter been in this situation before?
How did she know where they were going?

Chapter 3
Summary: The first selection occurs and Elie and his father lie about their age to avoid the crematorium as a mysterious man told them to. When they are walking through the camp, they see horrific things such as a pit of burning babies. They are dressed and given tattoos of their specific number. The prisoners are then told to go to Buna which was 4 hours

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