The Outsiders Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Time and time again people come to the common question of, “Movies vs. books?” Many movies follow their books word for word whether its character development or plot development, whereas other movies change and twist the book’s stories in unimaginable ways, yet people are still faced with the question, “Movies or books?” An example of how books and movies can differ is in the story “The Outsiders” written by S. E. Hinton and produced by Francis Coppola.Although there are many similarities that both the book, The Outsiders, and the movie share, there were many noticeable differences in the appearance and personalities of all the characters. Three of the main characters, Pony, Johnny and Soda, will be reviewed in particular.
The Outsiders is a unique book that is stylistic in the author’s usage of character development. Each character is described and developed with very much detail, but the movie lacked this certain sense of character development. This is extremely apparent with the main character Ponyboy Curtis. An example of his physical characteristics that differed from the movie is on page 1 when he states, “I have light-brown, almost red hair and greenish-gray eyes.” Ponyboy Curtis clearly states that he has light-brown reddish hair, but in the movie he was found to have dark-brown blackish hair. Pony also stated that he had greenish-gray eyes, whereas in the movie the actor had brown, hazel eyes. Pony’s physical traits are what defines him as a greaser, and with
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They might also claim that the major and underlying theme remained the same throughout both stories. However, the minor details and character development is what makes this book unique. The storyline was the same in the book and movie, but the different characters emotions and physical looks help the story to progress and are vital to the underlying theme, uniqueness, and story of The

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