The Outsiders Compare And Contrast Essay

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Outsiders Compare and Contrast
The Outsiders, is a great book to read, and a great movie to watch. The movie is almost exactly like the book, with only a few changes. The movie shows every character, and they look how the book described them The book describes how hard life is for some people and the movie shows how hard life is for some. Some people might get hurt just because of what they look like, and this story tells how some people feel about that. The Outsiders movie is great, even though it was made 16 years after the book. The movie says almost every word the book has, but I would still rather read the book. One reason I prefer the book over the movie because there are small parts and pieces that the book has and the movie doesn’t. In the book, it tells us the character’s feelings and how they show it, instead of where in the movie you
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I can see why some people like the movie more than the book for a couple of reasons. Some people don’t like to read, and they would rather watch a movie on something. I get that they wouldn’t want to read a 180 paged book, if they could just watch an hour long movie and still get all the information the need. Another reason, is that some people like to hear the sounds of the movie, or the voices of the characters. They might like how in the movie, it shows that the church was burning up and they could hear the crackling, fire rise. Instead of where in the book where it takes a page to describe how hot the fire is and how dangerous it is to go near it. The last reason is, that some people like to see the character’s appearances, it takes a chapter to describe all of the characters appearances, in the movie it only takes a second. In the movie all you have to do is look at the characters to know what their features are. In shorter words, some people probably just don’t want to take the time to read a book, when they know they could just watch the movie

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