Differentiated instruction

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  • Disadvantages Of Differentiated Instruction Essay

    According to the article, Differentiated Instruction and Implications for UDL Implementation, one of the leading theorists, Carol Ann Tomlinson, defined differentiated instruction as “...a teaching theory based on the premise that the instructional approaches should vary and be adapted in relation to individual and diverse students in the classroom” (Hall, Meyer, Strangman, 2003, p. 2). Additionally, the authors noted, “The model of differentiated instruction requires teachers to be flexible in their approach to teaching and adjust the curriculum and presentation of information to learners rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum” (Hall, Meyer, Strangman, 2003, p. 2). One way to facilitate differentiation is through the use of technology. One of the leading examples of the proper use of technology to differentiate instructions can be found at Forest Lake Elementary in Columbia, South Carolina.…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Classroom

    Creating and implementing this unit on division for this diverse fifth grade class was able to help me to reflect on myself as an educator. While there were many strengths from this unit, there was also some areas of growth that could have made the unit even more successful. One major strength from this unit was the differentiation of instruction and assessments. An area of growth for this unit would be to create a stronger behavior management system in order to make the time dedicated to math…

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  • Differentiated Instruction In The Classroom

    needs. There may be academically gifted students or students with learning disabilities. Since there can be a huge spectrum, it is important to understand how changing a lesson for each type of learning style can impact a student and their ability to retain new information. This type of alteration is known as Differentiated Instruction. Case studies, research, and classroom accounts…

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  • The Importance Of Differentiated Instruction

    In their article, Algozzine and Anderson propose that effective differentiated instruction can only be incorporated with a teacher who has a growth mindset. Therefore, educators must scaffold assignments that will target and reach learners where they currently are and move them to the next level. To be an effective teacher, one must understand that every child is unique and has different learning styles. Thus, teachers must be willing to accommodate and modify instruction and assessments.…

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  • Differentiating Differentiated Instruction

    As a senior at Kendall College, I was able to make a variety of lesson plans and implement them. One thing I struggled a lot was creating lesson plans to include differentiate instruction in order to reach the variety of learners. Differentiated Instruction is being implemented in classrooms in order provide instruction for every student and hopefully see better outcomes of learning, growth and development. Differentiate instruction takes place when the children are learning the same concept in…

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  • Differentiated Instruction Models

    The 6 components of the Models of Differentiated Instruction are, content, process, products, affect, learning environment, and interest. 1. Content: This is the material and information that is taught and expected for the children to learn in the classroom. Content focuses more about the information that we are wanting the child to learn and know about. This can be used with children with or without disabilities. Some students will have to go back into learning the first step to the material…

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  • Differentiated Instruction Essay

    introducing a child to comprehensive literacy a major aspect that is involved in the reading and writing instructions in helping them progress on literacy development skills. Some approaches that are used to these type of instructions are read and write alongs, shared and guided reading and writing. For children that are in Pre-K to first grade it is important to have instructions that are simple and understandable when being read aloud so there will be very little confusion in the introduction…

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  • Differentiated Instruction Principles

    1. Identify the principles of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction involves using different types of instruction and learning strategies to meet the needs of students with different learning needs. Every student is unique and not all students learn the same way, that is why it is important for teachers to use differentiated instruction in both the general education and inclusive classroom. There are different principles that guide planning and implementing differentiated…

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  • Differentiated Instruction Research Paper

    As a leader in the field of differentiated instruction, Carol Tomlinson (1999) noted: "For all its promise . . . effective differentiation is complex to use and thus difficult to promote in schools. Moving toward differentiation is a long-term change process" (p. 6). Several years into this change, everyone has heard of differentiated instruction. As the current “best practice” in education, differentiated instruction is the partner of the “individualized approach,” that many schools mention in…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Differentiated Instruction

    from 2012 by Carol Ann Tomlinson, the founder of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction is not a new concept, it has been done by teachers for decades but not by all teachers, most were teaching to the middle, the average student, Tomlinson taught teachers how to teach to all the students, not just the majority. Since then, several educators have taken the reins and written their own books about differentiated instruction. Every book has its own tricks and tips to for teachers on…

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