The 6 Components Of The Models Of Differentiated Instruction

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The 6 components of the Models of Differentiated Instruction are, content, process, products, affect, learning environment, and interest.

1. Content:
This is the material and information that is taught and expected for the children to learn in the classroom. Content focuses more about the information that we are wanting the child to learn and know about. This can be used with children with or without disabilities. Some students will have to go back into learning the first step to the material then adding the second step onto the first to be able to understand and gain knowledge of the material the teacher is trying to teach them. Having the child go back and regain knowledge about the task will better long the child memory of that material
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Sometimes activities like hands on activities, visual activities are really good for children, that way the teachers are about to gain their interest and attention. Having too much going on in the activity can cause to the child to get distracted and lose focus of the material being taught. The child should be able to explain the material taught to someone, to know if they fully understand what was just taught to them. After knowing the material, the children should be able to explain how they can use it in real life situation and how it would …show more content…
This focuses on how the classroom is organized, how colorful everything is, how easily things are able to be seen by the children, and how clean everything is. When it comes to the learning environment is it best to find a style that tis a good support for a positive area that the child will be getting involve and engaged in. Along with a positive environment, teachers, and other staff members should have a positive attitude as well. Negative attitude can push a child away and make them not want to learn anything. A positive environment and attitude will encourage children to succeed in learning. Promoting a friendship system should be something that teacher look for in the

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