Similarities And Differences Of My Culture

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Despite our cultures being continent apart, there are similarities and differences on how communication works in our cultures. The goal of the assignment is for two students of different background to interview each other and learn what is alike and distinct between their cultures. Leslie Leanos is the person that I interviewed for this essay. She is from a Mexican-American background while my background is Vietnamese. We came up with five questions and recorded our answers on the document. We then analyzed the responses and evaluate them based upon what we have learn in the course. The essays consists of my analysis of the similarities and differences of the responses of Leslie and me.
Body Paragraphs Leslie and I share similar attributes. The first questions that we asked is if our cultures are collectivist or individualistic. The result is we both share the collectivistic trait: “I personally believe my culture is more collectivistic” (Leanos, Leslie). She states that her parents would call each other or her to check if there is anything needed whenever they go out. Similarly, my decision making takes account for what is best for my family. For example, I had the option
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I do not use hand gesture when I am communicating; however, I do notice that my family and people in my culture use hand gesture to help facilitate their points when they are communicating. Leslie also states that in her culture hand gesture is prevalent (Leanos, Leslie). She uses the example that when she talks about height her hand gesture would be to place it at the position to help show how tall or short it is. I believe that hand gesture is common in both our cultures because it increases the meaning of our words. In fact, hand gesture in this context supports the concept of complementing, “nonverbal behavior that is consistent with the verbal messages and often enhances it” (O’Hair et al., 2014, P.

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