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  • How Is Batman Better Than Superman

    Just like Superman, Batman was loner once too. Until he took a boy named Dick Grayson under his wing when his parents were brutally murdered. He did this because the boy reminded Bruce of himself when he was little. (Bruce’s parents had been murdered too) The boy had soon found out Bruce wasn't who he said he was, and found out he was Batman. So Bruce trained the boy to become his sidekick naming him after a brave and full of hope bird. (Robin) Robin soon quit his job saying he was sick of Batman being too bossy and called Bruce a, “Control Freak.” Robin joined a team called the Teen Titans and became leader and a control freak himself. And when the team retired Robin decided to no longer be a sidekick or team mate and turned into a superhero calling himself Nightwing. Then came Jason Todd, just as acrobatic as the first Robin. But Jason was more troubled than Dick Grayson. He didn't know his dad and his mom left him when he was little. He was poor, living in a motel and off the items he stole from strangers. The first time Bruce met Jason, he was stealing the wheels off the Batmobile. So Bruce took him in, seeing the same thing he saw in himself and in Dick Grayson. Jason was trained to be the next Robin, But Jason was not like the first one. Jason was impatient, stubborn, and unreliable. He never took orders from Batman and only followed his own rules. And…

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  • The Joker Scene Analysis

    Scene: When the Joker crashes Harvey Dent’s fundraiser and targets Rachael Dawes because no one knows where Harvey is. The 360 degree turn of the camera emphasizes Rachel’s struggle to over power the Joker and his struggle to maintain it. The Joker has his knife at Rachel 's mouth to not only show his dominance to her but to how that while he looks silly dressed like a clown, he is serious. While he knows that the rich guests are not scared of him, a criminal, he does not try to instill the…

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  • Joker In The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight is an engrossing tragedy film that leaps beyond its origins. Batman is not the comic character, that you spent many nights reading his comic book anymore. Because of the amazing performances, the writing, the direction, and the technical quality of the entire production, this movie created characters we come to care about. By putting all the right elements in play, this movie had given the character of Batman a literary merit. This movie is not simply present the good and evil…

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  • Sincere Selfhood In John Steinbeck's In Cold Blood

    can never truly make up the entirety of it. People who are raised in poor conditions are capable of turning their lives around and accomplishing great feats. Abraham Lincoln, arguably the greatest President of the United States, grew up in a household stricken with poverty, yet he was able to overcome what he was born with, form his own identity, and leave an illustrious legacy. In addition, these sentiments also go both ways as people raised in more adequate households are equally as capable of…

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  • Analysis Of Herman Melville's View On Religion In Moby Dick

    ENGL 320 05 May 2016 Research Proposal: Herman Melville’s view on religion translated in Moby Dick The first line of the novel suggests that the narrator wants to be called another name. It suggests that he was once known by a different name, but for the purpose of the story, there is another name that is presented to the reader. In a way Ahab can be referenced as a God. He always tests his crew’s loyalty to him and the ship. That being said, Ahab actually underwent something like a trial of…

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  • Geography In Moby-Dick

    A Look at Geography in Moby-Dick Melville’s Moby-Dick is a richly woven psychological masterpiece. Time and again concepts and characters are deftly paralleled and contrasted. The sheer density and breadth of references spans biblical allusions, a range of mythologies, as well as the geographical knowledge of a learned cartographer. Perhaps Melville’s most commonly underappreciated device, however, is his complex use of geography. His locations do not only represent real world challenges but…

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  • Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Case Study

    detention center and the ongoing backlash from both a national and international perspective regarding lack of human rights for detainees, President Obama’s proposal faced sudden backlash from the opposition of closing the detention center. The sudden backlash President Obama faced regarding his proposal involved the discussion of risking the United States of America’s national security of closing the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. Opponents of closing the detention facility noted that the…

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  • Biblical Allusions In Moby Dick

    Chapter 1- In order for every trip to be a quest, the story needs a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges along the way, and a real reason to be going there. In Moby Dick, the quester is a man named Ishmael, who longs to see the world. Hence, he partakes in Captain Ahab’s revenge-fueled adventure across the oceans. Some challenges along Ishmaels journey is traveling to Nantucket, encountering his soon-to-be “savage” friend in a local hotel, and pick out a vessel in…

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  • Analysis Of The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

    The Bluest Eye is written by Toni Morrison, in 1970. This book aimed toward exposing the destructive idea that black skin, and black culture were inherently ugly. Also, it is about how black community hates itself simply for not being white. Morrison starts this novel with Dick and Jane text. Dick Jane text often represent basal reader. The Dick and Jane represented white wealth and white beauty. In this book, the Dick and Jane are representations of the development of the black lives. Also,…

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  • Examples Of Ethos, Logos And Pathos In The Movie 'Blackfish'

    Is it an Immeasurable Lie “Blackfish” the truth comes out. At Sea World animals are being abused, and the truth withheld from the public. In the movie “Blackfish” the whole truth comes out about how Sea World lied about whales and the death of trainers. Using ethos, logos and pathos the movie tells the whole truth. The truth that Sea World would not release to the public, but instead lied about just about every situation there was, that involved a whale or a trainer. To begin with, in the…

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