Argumentative Essay On Blood Diamonds

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Blood Diamonds
“Dig or Die” is a phrase often used when talking about our world 's most loved gem, the diamond. Many precious jewels are faceted with conflict. Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are diamonds mined in war-torn countries by antigovernment groups (Blood Diamonds). These militias use the money to aid their cause. Wars fueled by these diamonds have taken over 3.7 million lives, in countries such as Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo and Liberia. Most people do not know what was sacrificed for them to wear their diamond ring (“Blood Diamonds Exposed”). Despite the beauty a diamond holds, people must be made aware of the dangerous social implications they embody.
The conflict of blood diamonds is not an emerging issue. Starting back in
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This is an unlivable amount, well below the extreme poverty level. Due to the fact that children are considered the cheapest form of labor, they are often exploited. Based on a recent survey, 46% of miners are in between the ages of five and sixteen. It is not an easy life for these children as they are subject to seven day work weeks, and back breaking physical labor. As a result of their size they are frequently used for the most dangerous jobs such as descending into pits and narrow mineshafts. Many of these children never make it out of these mines (Cahill). For the children who survive their work, they are in the mines all day and unable to attend school. Consequently, these children work in the mines for the remainder of their lives (Forman). Many children are not working voluntarily; they are slaves in the mines. Many children are abducted from their families and forced to work. These children work day and night with no breaks, not even to go to the bathroom. They are also typically starved so that they have no energy to run away. In Sierra Leone, children are used in more violent ways. Children as young as 7 years old are robbed from their families and turned into soldiers. These 20,000 child soldiers are often forced to take drugs and alcohol to make them more aggressive. They are then mandated to commit the most heinous crimes, including killing their own families, murdering innocent people and kidnapping future child soldiers (Blood Diamonds). With all the moral dilemmas diamonds leave society with, many wonder what can be

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