Nature Of Society In Blood Diamond

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Culminating Essay: Second Rough Draft

Society is defined as the aggregate people living together in a more or less ordered community. Society 's resistance to evil is only as strong as its moral and values. If the infrastructure of said society is plagued with immorality, certainly the nature of that society will be evil. Although the nature of society has the potential to be virtuous as it does to be malicious, distinguishing traits can reveal the true nature of that society. In the novel, Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World 's Most Precious Stone, it focuses on societal behaviour in response to the Sierra Leone diamond trade. Therefore, the nature of society revealed in the novel, Blood Diamonds, is evil because of the
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Greed within businesses is easily identified by looking at the value and prices of their products and ethical standards. Campbell reveals, “The diamonds are eventually sold to customers at up to ten times the price paid from them De Beers, which,of course can be up to a hundred times the price paid for them at the source” (Campbell 112). The De Beers Group is excessively overpricing a stone that we are made to believe is explicitly rare and priceless. Their extreme desire for more money is shown through their disproportionate prices. The scarcity of diamonds that we have been told about was a fraudulent business plan. If every diamond that has ever been found had been sold on the open market, they would be less expensive than emeralds, rubies,and sapphires. Financial greed is evident in the De Beers Group as it trumps any ethical problem that stands in the way of their profits. The De Beers Group 's financial plan is simply written as this, “ Over the course of the twentieth century, De Beers pursued a plan that was as simple as it was ruthless: Buy as much of the world production [of diamonds] as possible and tightly control global distribution through its London offices” (Campbell 108). The De Beers Group had a meticulous plan to control diamond distribution not only nationally but also globally. As a result of this, the De Beers Group could single-handedly control the $30 billion per year diamond industry. That quantity of money to any person will change their expectations of entitlement and value of lives, such as those in Sierra Leone in comparison to money. Materialism is one the main sources of financial greed within society. This influences society to uptake a new grade of living, “Today because of the standard of living, materialism provides those who follow the idea that some is good, more is better, and too much is just

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