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  • Blanching Research Paper

    Freezing is an essential preservation method in the food industry. When fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested the enzymes in them begin to change the fruit. They can lose color, nutrients, and their desired taste if not preserved. Along with freezing there are other strategies used to inactivate these enzymes. Vegetables are blanched before freezing and fruit can be dipped in a sugar syrup before freezing to keep them at their best. One of the main problems faced with freezing is a change in texture. When frozen water expands and can cause tissue damage. When the food is thawed it will be mushy and soft because of the tissue damage. When frozen slowly larger crystals will appear and cause more tissue damage. When frozen quickly the ice crystals formed are small, so less tissue damage will occur. Freezing as a method of preservation is widely used today and is still growing. The method used for freezing started with green beans. The starting color of the beans were measured using a calorimeter. Then the beans were blanched, each sample blanched for a different amount of time to test how that would affect the freezing process. The beans were immediately placed in ice to prevent further cooking. The beans were weighed afterwards and were tested for color again. Then they were labeled and frozen in either a refrigerator freezer, a -80 degrees Celsius freezer, or frozen with liquid nitrogen. Strawberries were also frozen during this lab. The method for freezing strawberries…

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  • Size Of Diamond Research Paper

    Colour of a Diamond by its Size Medium-sized princess cut diamond. Large round brilliant cut diamonds. Small-sized fancy cut diamonds. Yellow diamond. Orange diamond. Blue diamond. Red diamond. White diamond. Cognac diamond. Just like people, diamonds are unique. They come in many sizes and colours and can be cut in numerous ways. Also, similar to people in the respect that works well on medium-sized memorial diamonds might not work well on large cremation diamonds, or small to medium-sized…

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  • Diamond Wedding Ring Research Paper

    The tradition of beginning an engagement with a diamond ring is largely an American custom that has resulted in the United States becoming one of the largest shareholders of the global diamond jewelry market (Global Diamond Jewelry). The custom dates back to first half of the 1900s when diamonds were introduced as a symbol of undying love due to their lasting value. Although diamond wedding rings serve as an investment and symbol of eternal love, some luxury rings, such as Tiffany and Company,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Diamonds

    Ever since the early 1920’s Diamonds have became the most valuable rock known to westerners. The side most people don’t know about is what happens in the region most of the diamonds come from. From the mass murders to the underage children working for less than a dollar a day. The system is weekly regulated and more than 30% of the diamonds bought don’t have legal papers of placed mined. Diamonds are also smuggled from different places by minors and back dowered by guards and armed forces. The…

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  • Synthetic Diamonds Swot Analysis

    new competitors, but from a new line of diamond products. This product is known as synthetic diamonds. They are a lot more cost efficient for consumers as they do not require as much resources to produce. Synthetic diamonds are also gaining more applications in various fields making them more versatile in their use and is a threat to DeBeers future operations when it comes to market share, and future cash flows. This is quite different from the time that they were a monopoly on the world market.…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Sluicing In Ancient Egypt

    Gold has been mined for centuries, dating back to the times of Ancient Egypt. Back then, the mined gold because it was beautiful and also imperishable. They’d make jewelry, cups, and decorate tombs with it. The way people mined it in ancient times was by using a process called “sluicing”. They would make wood troughs with riffles set in the bottom to create a zone to allow gold to drop through. The box is then placed in a stream to channel water flow. Today, the method of sluicing is still…

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  • Pandora Jewelry Case Study

    Product Pandora jewelry offers a variety of charms and bracelet products. The products are divided into five categories, namely jewellery, Charms, Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings, and Necklaces and Pendants. The materials used are clearly specified in 14k gold, sterling silver, glass, enamel, and Pave to build buyer's confidence. As for Pandora, although jewellery for occasions like valentine's day can also be found, there are more special design and combination products that can be used for…

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  • Neocolonialism In Michel Tidwell's The Ponds Of Kalambayi

    In The Ponds of Kalambayi, Michel Tidwell shares his experience of his Peace Corps mission to teach the people of Kalambayi how to make fish ponds in order to make another source of food. While he talks about his experience, he also shows the connections Kalambayi’s interaction in globalization with the trading of raw materials like cotton and diamonds. However, with these connections, Kalambayi is disconnected from the Western world due to neocolonialism thus causing disconnections that…

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  • Analysis Of The De Beers Diamond

    Cecil Rhodes was a scammer. Advertisements by Cecil Rhodes have been known to be scams; this theory stimulated from several observers. This viewer watched the De Beers diamond ads continuously by the founder Cecil Rhodes and the (CSO) persuading and scamming men to make purchases to express their love. The De Beers diamonds created a visual image for advertising as an appeal for a metaphor of how a diamond gives value as a lifetime commitment to a potential or future wife by paying over value…

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  • Special Gem Research

    overwhelming excitement of searching for that Special Gem; the one specifically made for you. With an infinite combination of gems from diamonds to jadeite and everything in between, how do you recognize whether to pick a diamond from a colored gem? Usually you walk in with several ideas, while trying to leave without having buyer’s remorse. It can be like walking into a fancy restaurant unable to decide between Lobster and Steak. The key to this tricky conundrum is research; figuring out how to…

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